Beautiful skin consultations

Every day I find myself speaking to someone about their skincare problems, which are always so easy to resolve with the correct diet and use of correct skin care.

Beauty therapists only treat the skin from the outside, and naturopaths only treat the skin from the inside.

Doctors and Dermatologists only treat the symptoms not the cause.

I have 33 years experience in the beauty industry as a holistic beauty therapist treating clients from inside and out, as you can see from my picture, I do not look 53 years old – and no, I do not use botox fillers or have a facelift!

Although I do not treat clients as a therapist anymore, I do offer skincare solution advice.

I do not sell any products, so my advice is not biased, but I do recommend only the best products on the market for you to purchase in your own time frame.

Appointments are done by phone, skype or face to face.

Appointments are charged at:

$40 for 30 minutes – includes a printed copy of advice

$70 for one hour – includes a printed copy of advice

To make a booking contact me by email

or by calling 0411 541 211

I look forward to helping you achieve beautiful skin!