About me

Hi, my name is Yvette van Schie and welcome to my beauty blog!

I am lucky enough to live in NSW’s Southern Highlands, one of Australia’s cleanest and most beautiful spots. I am grateful that I enjoy a wonderfully balanced lifestyle as a holistic beauty blogger, makeup artist, and writer.

As a beauty blogger, I share with you 32 years of industry experience on healthy, natural, ethical ways to look beautiful and feel healthy. Beauty comes from within, it is all about glowing skin through amazing health with the help of high quality, ethical natural skin care. I enjoy sharing top beauty therapists, personal trainers, health gurus and natural practitioner’s wellness and beauty secrets. I reveal information which you should, but do not know about, breaking the barriers between those who know and everyone else. I unveil the lies that the beauty and health industry tells us to keep us spending money on foods and skincare which in actual fact are shortening your life, whilst you think you are living well.

One of my great loves is writing for Professional Beauty, a leading industry magazine, whose staff have voted “your articles the most enlightening, educational and enjoyable of all articles submitted”

I hope you enjoy my blog! Join my friends in finding out all about how to live a long and healthy life, looking absolutely gorgeous! Please feel free to comment and ask me questions! For all of my blog posts go to my Blog page! 

I qualified from the prestigious Sydney College of Makeup Art, after having already worked for Revlon for 2 years as their makeup artist for TV shows, events and representing Revlon at June Dally-Watkins teaching makeup and skincare.

My beauty therapy training was completed at the elite Ella Bache College of Skin and Beauty Therapy, and I am a member of the AABth, a membership which is acquired through a rigorous exam. My studies did not end there, I continued my studies for many years doing short courses to make sure my knowledge is well rounded.

As a makeup artist, I work in film, commercial photography and film, corporate photography and film, fashion, fashion parades and bridal makeup, as well as training up and coming makeup artists. As a beauty therapist, I train other therapists in specialty workshops and seminars. I have also designed facial treatments and treatment manuals.

I have also been commissioned to write training manuals for several skincare companies.

As a stylist, I have worked with many of the best image makers, including Robert Pante, stylist to the American Presidents and their wives.

As a holistic facialist, I constantly research skincare products, internal health solutions, and anything to do with anti-aging so that she can write my blog with great confidence, knowing that my information is well grounded and truthful.

I look forward to you joining me! x

yvettevs@optusnet.com.au Office – 02 4886 4098    Mobile – 0411 541 211