Could you have bad skin because you have bad gut health?

Unfortunately, if your colon is not working, your skin will not look healthy.

Most women suffer from some form of constipation, and 95% are fibre deficient.

In actual fact, not only will your skin not look healthy, but you will also suffer from weight issues.

You could also have hormone issues – being – you could have ongoing PMS issues, irregular periods, or ongoing menopausal symptoms, or worse.

If you fix the root of the problem, the health of your colon, your skin will clear up if you have acne, become more luminous if it is dull, the lines around your mouth will fill out, and you will loose weight, even if it is to have a flat stomach than a bloated one. Plus your hormones will sort themselves out, over a period of time.

So how do I achieve a healthy colon?

A healthy colon is directly influenced by moving your bowels daily and efficiently.

You may think you already go regularly and properly because you have a movement every day – but you may not be removing all of the waste.

To ensure your bowels are thoroughly ‘cleansed’ of all waste, you need to ensure you eat enough fibre (your poop should float).

You should also be going 2 x daily – generally after 2 main meals.

Now I know many girls when working in an office or in a retail environment where we share toilets, are often concerned about leaving a smell, so hold on till they get home.

This is not a good thing as it means that all of the bacteria and waste is sitting around in your system messing around with your health.

When you’re constipated, auto-intoxication begins and the toxicity your body is trying to get rid of begins to be reabsorbed back into your bloodstream.

The symptoms of auto-intoxication or self-poisoning will begin showing in symptoms such as headache, lack of energy, acid reflux, abdominal discomfort, indigestion, bloating, acne, dull unattractive skin tone, bad breath and the list goes on.

So, if you are constipated or feel that things are just not working as well as they should in that department, you need to take a few steps to start sorting this problem out.

Firstly, up your water intake.

Start your day with a large glass of warm water, or a room temperature glass of water with lemon in it. Do not start your day with an icy glass of water as it is too much of a shock to your system first thing in the morning.

Add a shot of 10 MLS chlorophyll to your water every day. Ideally, this should be added to the last glass of water you drink at night.

 Chlorophyll detoxes the body – so it assists in giving your body a bit of a flush overnight.

Up your greens and reds and yellows etc vegetable wise. Ideally make yourself a green smoothie every morning using a tablespoon of greens powder – there are so many on the market – ideally use one which is organic – my favourite supplier for all things healthy is iherb.


Add ¼ of a broccoli head, ½ a cucumber, ½ an avocado, an apple or a pear or both, add water or coconut water, or almond milk and blend up in a Nutribullet or other blender. I personally like the Nutribullet as it breaks the ingredients right down and you get all of their goodness out of them.

If you need it to taste totally divine – type green smoothie into Google and so many recipes come up – just stick to ones which do not include dairy, or any sweeteners – mainly veggies as we are upping your fibre and creating an alkaline state in your guts.


The reason we want an alkaline state in your guts is because it detoxes your intestinal tract as well as stopping the bad bacteria from attaching themselves to your gut wall. When bad bacteria attaches itself to your gut wall, it can cause such issues such as leaky gut – which really is a bad as it sounds.

What is leaky gut you ask?

Leaky gut is what happens when the tight junctions of intestinal walls become loose. The gut wall becomes more permeable, which allows bacteria and toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream. Symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include bloating, food sensitivities, fatigue, digestive issues and skin problems.

So, by eating a diet high in green vegetables, drinking lots of water and chlorophyll will create an alkaline state in the bowels allowing the gut to heal.

I cannot stress how important exercise is for a healthy gut as well – even if it is just 10 minutes of walking a day. If you suffer from excess weight and struggle to walk, I recommend you invest in a vibration plate – check the weight specifications (some only accept bodies up to a certain weight) – but 10 minutes of standing on one of these every day, mixed in with sitting on them, and placing your hands on them whilst kneeling next to it, will get things moving very efficiently – even more so than walking – although I do recommend you mix it up – our bodies were designed to walk – not actually to jiggle violently.

You can always find them on the Facebook sales pages second hand as people buy them thinking that they will help them loose weight but it just gets the blood flowing to the muscles and although they help move fat cells they do not have the same effect as actually getting out there and working out. But they are great for getting your muscles moving and blood flowing and lymphatics moving which means they help detoxify your body.

If you have been constipated for a while – or have had very irregular bowel movements, I recommend you start off with a colon flush program because it is just like blocked pipes – they need help to unblock them. Once flushed, all of the goodness you are feeding to your body will work more effectively helping you achieve beautiful skin and a flat stomach.

Another major player when it comes to a healthy gut is probiotics.

Probiotics are the colons friendly bacteria, they do a multitude of functions you can’t live without.

Every time we have antibiotics we destroy the good, friendly bacteria in our intestinal tract. These friendly bacteria play a major role in maintaining our immune system and we need them desperately.

Probiotics to a person with bowel problems is like giving a fireman water to put out the fire. You just to have to have them.

When starting off on probiotics – choose to use one which is designed to make it all the way into the intestinal tract – some of them do not make it that far, they only make it through to the stomach, and although this in some cases is great – we need them to make it all of the way through to the gut.

You will notice a remarkable difference in the clarity of your skin within a few days. Your breath will be sweeter – yes, I forgot to mention a bad gut equals bad breath……You will also notice your face is not so puffy, around your eyes, your skin is smoother and your tummy flatter, and those PMS and menopausal symptoms seem to have disappeared………..

Hi! My name is Yvette van Schie, I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and professional makeup artist with 34 years of industry experience. I work with some of the best in the business, such as naturopaths and cosmetic surgeons and now besides writing my educational blog posts, I write holistic beauty articles for a multitude of professional industry suppliers.

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