Is drinking coffee first thing in the morning good or bad for your health?

For many of us, our daily routine starts by us crawling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen to make ourselves a cup of coffee.

Life without that cup of coffee is not worth living right?


There is no way you are going to make it through the day without that instant hit of caffeine running through your veins!

But sorry – I have some terrible news for you which you are just not going to want to hear.

Research shows that drinking coffee first thing in the morning – especially for women is not good at all.

It increases your cortisol levels which can negatively impact ovulation, weight and hormonal balance,

The so-called stress hormone (cortisol) helps to regulate your energy levels and makes you feel alert.

It fluctuates throughout the day but is generally high in the morning and low in the evening.

By drinking caffeine first thing in the morning when your cortisol levels are high, it blunts the production of hormones and shifts the timing of the hormone’s cycle.


Drinking coffee first thing in the morning when cortisol levels are high, can cause you to produce more cortisol.

So you end up producing cortisol at times when it would normally drop off – like at night.

This might sound like a great thing? But it actually isn’t – this causes you to have sleep issues – it keeps you awake at night.

There, unfortunately, there is no complete understanding of why this happens yet.

But why is it so bad when cortisol levels are increased?

When we are stressed out, our bodies produce cortisol.

So, when we drink coffee first thing in the morning which increases our cortisol levels, it increases our blood sugar which then leads to increased insulin hormone production leading to insulin resistance. Which then can lead to diabetes.

Excess cortisol can lead to weight gain, sleep problems and a compromised immune response.

Another problem when drinking coffee first thing in the morning is that it may cause gut health problems.

Although the jury is still out when it comes to agreeing or disagreeing if this is the case as one recent study suggested that it might even be beneficial, but coffee does stimulate acid production in the stomach.

If you have GI (gastrointestinal) issues or are prone to acid reflux, coffee may exacerbate the problem.

For those of you who love an iced coffee – you will be pleased to note that a cold coffee has about 70% less acid than hot coffee. Problem is that an iced coffee also contains large quantities of milk, and cream and sugar – but that is another blog post.

If you just love your coffee – you can still drink it – but just a little later than you used to before.

Longevity guru Ben Greenfield recommends you get up in the morning and for at least 10 minutes you do some form of physical activity on an empty stomach. This is then followed by a cold, hot, cold shower before eating breakfast.


Starting the day off this way not only does it increase your metabolism causing you to burn excess fat, but it also stimulates the brain to work at peak performance.

Eat breakfast, and then later in the morning have your cup of coffee when you have a slight energy slump.

When you are used to drinking coffee first thing in the morning you may find yourself feeling sluggish for the first while as your body is used to using the caffeine as a crutch – and has forgotten how to wake itself up properly.

Replace your coffee with a large glass of water to rehydrate your body, because you loose water whilst your sleep. If you did not drink enough water the day before you will find yourself dehydrated when you wake up. One of the reasons you crave coffee is because you are craving fluids as your body is thirsty.

After a short period of time, replacing coffee with some physical activity such as a walk, HIIT session, low impact HIIT session, yoga or vibration plate plus a glass of water and a cold/hot/cold shower – you will find you will not need or want your coffee till later in the morning as your energy will be more even-keeled throughout the day.

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