6 things which could be making you tired

Could you not be sleeping enough, house messy, a snoring partner, cluttered desk?

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If you wake up most mornings feeling as if you have been run over by a train even if you have had a great night’s sleep – there could be a few things you could change in your life to remedy this.

Firstly – did you really have a great sleep?

Did you sleep straight through the night, or did you have to get up to go to the toilet once or twice?

Or could someone in the bed have been……….


Did your other half disrupt your sleep with his incessant snoring – or did you wake him with yours??

If you woke him up with yours and he complains it is like sleeping next to a chain saw – you may have sleep apnoea – which is a serious sleep disorder. Sleep interruptions may occur up to hundreds of times per night.

If the above is not a likely issue then there are a few other reasons you may not be sleeping well.



Skipping meals throughout the day affects your energy levels, it makes you foggy and tired whilst awake, and more likely to binge eat at night.

Eating too much and too late at night will affect the quality of your sleep as your body struggles to digest a heavy meal. Basically, the later you eat, the less the body is prepared to sleep, which will have adverse effects on your memory and efficiency the following day.

Not only will it affect your sleep and your clarity of mind the following day, but the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania confirms that eating late-night meals will cause weight gain, and can affect your heart health as well.

Ideally, you should finish eating 3 hours before bedtime at the latest. This will also help with weight loss as fasting 12 – 14 hours between meals has shown to assist in weight loss.


We all know that eating unhealthy foods will affect how well we perform thought out the day – fatty undigestible foods such as fatty chips, fast-food hamburgers, etc ( my weakness is hot chips – in actual fact potato anything to be honest!) But not only do they make you feel sluggish, you are not getting enough of the nutrients you need – such as Iron.


Iron is vital in transporting oxygen to your muscles and cells.

To boost your oxygen levels, munch down on a bowl of dark leafy greens, whole eggs, tofu, kidney beans, lean beef and nuts (not all of them but some of them) the greens are also high in vitamin c which helps absorption. Tomatoes and cauliflower are also great for vitamin c.

The most potent and easily absorbed form of iron comes from Spirulina, it is also high in protein and is better than any vitamin pill you can take as it is nutrient-dense, containing everything we need to function at our very best.


Whether you are a runner, gym girl, walker, swimmer or yoga lover or a bit of everything! Skipping your exercise because you need a bit of shut-eye can actually backfire.

The University of Georgia in Athens discovered that working out moderately hard for 20 minutes daily helps boost energy (this is why it is ideal to exercise in the morning in preference to the evening). They also found that sedentary individuals felt energized after completing a regular exercise program.


Two words – mental exhaustion.

Research shows that when you have too many objects in your visual field (messy desk, bedroom, house) the harder it is for your brain to filter information and focus – the result is a tired brain.



This sounds very odd (especially to me at the moment as I am not getting enough sleep!)

But if you are feeling sleep deprived, you might want to try sleeping less. If you are taking too long to get to sleep, it could be that you are getting too much sleep- but not quality sleep. Harvard Health recommends quality sleep over long hours of sleep.

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