How to grow long healthy hair.

We all want to grow fabulous healthy long hair – here are some tips and tricks to achieve lustrously wonderful hair!


I don’t want to totally crush your hopes and dreams – but you cannot physically grow super long hair overnight – no matter what they say when they try to get you to buy that miracle treatment product.

Hair only grows 1 -2 cms per month max.

Growing long hair is also only possible if it is super healthy and free of dry split ends.

If you would like to speed up your hair growth – these are real solutions to help it grow stronger and longer.

Have a regular hair cut

Believe it or not, having a regular haircut will ensure you grow longer hair faster. I know this sounds counterproductive – but when you do not have your hair cut regularly, your frayed ends start splitting higher and higher up the strand, meaning your hair will be shorter uncut than it would if you were having consistent trims.

Have your hair cut at least every 8 – 10 weeks, this way your hair will not split!

Condition your hair

Condition your hair every single time you get it wet in the shower. Over time, colouring and heat styling tools cause strands to get thinner at the bottom, which causes it to break. By conditioning the ends of your hair you are replacing lipids and proteins in the hair shaft as well as sealing up the outer cuticle. Basically, conditioner is the first defence against damage.

We all think that washing our hair is more important than conditioning it, but this is not true, especially when you are trying to grow it long. If you are using a harsh chemical-based shampoo containing sulphates – you are stripping away the natural protective oils you need to grow long healthy hair. Using natural shampoo is a more effective way of cleaning and strengthening your hair at the same time.

Wash your hair correctly

Before washing your hair, give it a really good brush, with a good brush. No cheap daggy or ½ dead brushes here – ideally use a paddle brush as it will not tear at your hair. Brushing your hair, stimulates blood flow to the roots as well as loosening dirt and oil build-up on your scalp. (ensure you clean your brush regularly). You also only need to lather up at your scalp, letting the suds slide down the rest of the hair as the water rinses it out. If your hair on your scalp still does not feel clean – then repeat. Follow up with your conditioner – but do this the other way around – only condition your hair at the ends – NOT your scalp. If your hair gets oily – only condition ½ way up the shaft from the ends – if dry – you can take it a bit further up, but never up to the scalp unless you want greasy flat hair.

Rinse your hair with cold water

Rinsing your hair every time you wash it with cold water at the end of your shower helps grow your hair longer, but also maintains your hair health. Coldwater lays down the outer layer of your hair, meaning there is less moisture loss, snags and heat damage. You only need to rinse for a few seconds to ensure this works. Yes – cold showers are ghastly especially in winter – but there is another upside to cold showers – it stimulates your blood flow, which is good for your skin, and great for weight loss.

Use a hair mask weekly

 If your hair is shoulder length or longer – it is 2 – 3 years old (true!) which means it needs more love and attention than a normal conditioner can give you. There are a variety of hair masks on the market, again, as always, I recommend you speak to your hairdresser. Budget tight – or you want to start straight away, or looking for a natural vegan treatment? This treatment is a wonderful DIY treatment which I highly recommend.

Before washing your hair give it a good brush as always.

In a small saucepan mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 3 tablespoons olive oil. On a very low setting on the stove gently warm it up till the coconut oil has melted. DON’T do this in the microwave as you can overheat the oil and burn your scalp. As soon as the coconut oil is melted transfer the mixture into a milk jug or anything which you can use to gently pour the oil onto your scalp. Ideally, use a sauce bottle like the one in the picture. Pour the oil onto your scalp and massage in. Leave for 30 minutes or more – ideally wear a shower cap to infuse. Shampoo and condition your hair as per normal.

There are wonderful recipes online using Shea butter and herbs and oils – but the treatment above works for me every time and everyone else who uses it.

Take hair growth supplements

 It is hard to believe that hair growth supplements can help – but the truth is – if your body is lacking the correct nutrition it needs – it will send nutrients to your vital organs first. By supplementing your body with the minerals and vitamins needed to grow longer healthier hair, ensures your hair gets a look in. In so saying – they will not work if your diet is poorly. My favourite is Bondi Boost – they not only have supplements, but also a full range of treatments – I have seen their products work miracles.



Eat for better hair

Ensure your diet is high in good fats such as fish, avocado, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. All of these oils contain a variety of Omegas which are incredibly important for hair and skin health. Eat a diet full of berries and green vegetables for their nutrient content as well as sweet potato as it is full of beta-carotene which is a vitamin A derivative. Almonds and other nuts are high in protein and good fats.

Careful with the brush

I know I said before to brush your hair before washing it – but I cannot stress enough the importance of a good quality gentle brush.

Hair brush

If your hair is very knotty – start brushing the ends first and work your way up to the scalp. NEVER brush your hair when it is wet, as brushing it wet rips it -always use a wide-tooth comb.

Careful when you dry

When you have finished washing your hair – gently squeeze the excess water out of it with your hands. Wrap it up in a MICROFIBER towel – not your normal towel as the fibres can cause so much breakage and damage. No microfiber towel – use an old t-shirt!

Change your hairstyle

 Wearing your hair in the same style every day – think ponytail or topknot – can cause your hair to break over time from the constant tension. Change the placement of your bun or pony daily to give your hair a break. And ideally, use spiral hair elastics to stop pulling and breakage. These elastics are great – when they lose their shape – pop them in a cup of boiling water and they shrink right back to their original size – lazy and have a dishwasher – pop it in with your next wash cycle!

Bleach blond hair – sorry has to go

 When you bleach your hair, it opens up the cuticle of your hair strands, causing major damage, every single time. Chemically coloured or straightened hair is more likely to break and split.

Put your hot tools away

Hair straighteners and curling wands – especially hair straighteners – even if you always use a thermal protectant (did I just hear – what’s that?) will damage and break your hair. When you must use a hot tool – always use a thermal protectant or a hair oil – ideally both before styling. The number of girls I meet who complain about how short their hair is who use hot tools all of the time is unbelievable. Learn to blow dry your hair correctly – I know it is harder than a straightener – but once you get it – you won’t look back!

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