How to beat dry winter skin

Winter has set in and everyone’s skin is feeling dry, stretched flaky and itchy.

For those of us not in the first throws of youth – we are looking a little like wrinkled prunes to add insult to injury!

But there are ways to keep your skin hydrated and looking luminous and healthy.


Look at your cleanser. Is it a foaming or cream cleanser? No matter how problematic your skin is, a foaming cleanser is not going to cut it during the winter months. In actual fact, by continuing to use it, you are most probably causing your skin to become very dry and dehydrated, which means you will break out more!

A cream cleanser does not have to be thick and gluggy. There are so many types – most of them are aimed at all skin types, not just dry skin.


Exfoliate. Your age will predetermine how many times per week is suitable. From the age of 35 and up, you should exfoliate 3 x weekly. Until then from 16 onwards 2 x weekly.

Exfoliating daily, even if your scrub or peel is meant to be used daily, will in winter just cause your skin to become dryer, as it cannot produce enough oil to counteract the fact that to a certain degree the exfoliants will dry out the skin.s


Hydrate that skin!

Oily younger skin

If you are a oily skinned person who does not like using moisturiser read here! 

An oil-free moisturiser is fine for summer, but during the winter months, you need something more. In summer you may have oily, or normal to oily skin or combination skin, but in winter, you will find your oil flow will be pretty well non-existent.

But, you say, I am still breaking out!

Your breakouts are most probably not being caused due to oil, more than likely they are internal, or being caused due to your skin being severely dehydrated.

When your skin is dry and dehydrated, the dead skin cells do not shed, but instead, they build up. Oil and dirt get stuck in them and cause blockages in the pores – causing – you guessed it – pimples!

To avoid this, you need to exfoliate, but most importantly, you need to keep the moisture up to the skin.

But you have ongoing skin issues? And scared of a moisturiser which looks creamy? Look at using an Aloe based hydrator such as Aloe Hydrant Gel by USPA all over, and add another creamier moisturiser over that where there are no pimples.

Or loosen up the dead skin cells, add oil, such as coconut oil as it will also kill off any bacteria on the skin. But do remember to apply a moisturiser over the top.


Dry and or mature skin

If you normally suffer from dry skin winter is a trying time.

This is a time of year where a good skin oil will become your best friend. But it is only as good as the moisturiser you place over the top of it.

If you are really keen or desperate or both – apply a hydrating serum on the skin first, followed by an oil, and then moisturise. I do this to my face, but am not as thorough with body and hands, and there is a VERY obvious difference between where I start and finish my facial care.

Use a face mask as a moisturiser at night time for that added moisture boost


Oil body moisturisers

There are a variety of body oils on the market – they are designed to be used by themselves. But like the face, using them alone will not hydrate the skin. When your skin is dry it lacks oil and moisture – so using a body oil will only make the skin look great, but will not moisturise it as it only replaces the oil, not the moisture.

If you want to choose between one or the other, buy a moisturiser because when the moisture content is high in the skin, it balances the oil flow.

Have really scaly legs? Use both!


Facial treatments

 Winter is a great time to have facial peels, as they make your skin sun-sensitive. But make sure that the peel is followed by a hydrating mask, and even better a boost of light therapy.

They will help your skin absorb all of the creams and oils you put on it afterward, so a face and a body peel are a great help.

Plus they break down all of the dead skin cells which make your skin clog causing pimples, and or make your skin look lined and rough, or old.


Hydrate from inside.

Get moisturising from the inside for ultimate results.

Drink up that filtered water.

Too cold? Make up a pot of delicious herbal tea, and add a spoonful of organic honey for added antimicrobial action. Make your herbal tea work for your skin, for a young skin drink Edible Beauty’s Golden Glow Tea and for a more mature skin drink Edible Beauty’s Balancing Butterfly Blue tea. Type in Yvette15 for 15% off your order!

The ultimate internal hydrator is Flaxseed oil, nothing beats this super omega boost at improving the skin’s hydration levels. Taking the highest dose will give you results in just over a week.

Making sure you consume plenty of omega boosting foods such as avocado, olive oil, eggs, chia seeds, nuts, and fish will help give the skin that luminous glow.

Avoid as much as you can drinking dehydrating substances such as tea, coffee, and alcohol (yes, I know nothing is as wonderful as a glass of red wine in front of the fire – I know – we have a fire for heat, and every night there is a personal war going on inside me!


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Photo courtesy of science photo library.



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