Is your beauty routine sustainable?

It is no secret or surprise to any of us  – that the beauty industry produces HUGE amounts of waste and landfill.

But landfill is only a small part of how we are damaging our environment – all in the name of beauty!

There are currently major concerns regarding the effect of microbeads in our waterways and the impact of chemical sunscreens on our coral reefs.

Then there are those of you reading this article thinking – yes – but I only use natural skincare – but are the contents of your bottle sustainably harvested? Or were they carelessly pillaged from our environment? Is your packaging recyclable?

As anyone following my blogs will have found,  I am always harping on against the use of chemical sunscreens. One of the ingredients called Oxybenzone not only is one of the ingredients causing hormone imbalance, but it is contributing to the death of coral reefs around the world. A 2105 study by the NOAA’s national ocean service discovered that Oxybenzone causes mutation of DNA in adult coral, rendering them sterile.

Recently popular aerosol sunscreens are a serious concern, as they produce airborne particles that can travel significant distances to the ocean. The reef areas affected are consistent with tourism -dense hot spots and include our Barrier Reef.

So my argument for choosing to use  Zinc Oxide sunscreens goes on!

Microbeads might be microscopic, but they are causing major issues with our aquatic life. They are a cheaper plastic option to mineral and plant-based exfoliants such as bamboo, walnut, and aluminum oxide crystals.  You may not know you are using them – as they are found in facial washes, facial and body exfoliants, and even wrinkle filling creams.

Billions of these beads end up in our waterways. They flush into the ocean where they are capable of absorbing toxic by-products. If eaten by marine life these toxins can make their way up the food chain – back to you and I.

USA, Europe, Canada, Sweden, and Australia are in the process of banning polyethylene microbeads in personal care, and supermarket chains have pledged to withdraw products containing microbeads by 2017. But can we believe that they will do this? There was a pledge to stop importing all products tested on animals by a set date into Australia – and they are still on our shelves………… for ethical non-tested animals products visit the Peta website 

It really is time for us to choose products not only for their performance but also for their environmental footprint. One company whose product is eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable with recyclable packaging  – yet the product packs a punch in the performance stakes is Edible Beauty Australia Pop in code name Yvette15 for a 15% discount! 

Edible beauty owner Anna Mitsios believes giving back to the earth is a way of life for her business. She conserves energy wherever possible and packaging is based on sustainability/ eco-friendliness, practicality and aesthetically pleasing attributes. She uses no harsh chemicals in her products during manufacturing or in her cleaning products. Her products are proof that you do not have to forgo great looking and easy to use packaging to make a product appealing, or forgo great active skincare to do the right thing for the environment!

L’Oreal (although still testing on animals) have started a initiative program with TerraCycle making it easier to recycle mascara wands to empty shampoo bottles. It is easy to sign up online and you can also recycle your toothpaste tubes, postal packs, and coffee pods! It is free – and a amazing service! TerraCycle – turns all of our waste into plastic pellets which in turn are turned into picnic tables, wooden floors, etc, completely brilliant!

If this article does not make you want to change your mind about what you choose to use – just look at the pictures below……………..93243341f3fd5b3dea28d5a0c4e3bb5agreat-barrier-reef

Photos thank you to Enpundit 

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