Hayfever killing you? There is a way to manage it!

It is late Spring gently turning into Summer – the world looks beautiful! Flowers are in bloom, trees full and green filled with happy birds, the grass is swaying in the wind – and some of us are dying……..itching eyes, noses, faces and everywhere else!

So you take an antihistamine – yes it takes the edge off, but really, it does not change much at all.

So what is the solution?

To manage your hayfever better – work out what in actual fact it is that is setting you off? Hubby has a love-hate relationship with our Planetree – he loves the way it looks – but for two-four months every year it would give him severe asthma attacks at 2 am in the morning.

This was till we put him on the following hayfever management plan……

I would love to say that he does not take antihistamines, but he does, but not every day now – only when it is really windy, or he is outdoors gardening all day.  We had to try every brand to find out which suited him best – there is no one tablet fits all I have found out – every single person reacts to different antihistamines differently.

I am not a fan of antihistamines as they suppress the problem and do not cure the ailment. The following will work well for anyone who takes care of themselves, right to the point they need not take an antihistamine any longer!

Once you have found one that takes the edge off your pain – then you can take the next step.

Hayfever,  known medically as Allergic Rhinitis, is the reactive swelling of the inside of the nose that’s the result of someone’s sensitized immune system which wrongly identifies pollen or dust or other particulates as a threat to the body.

In addition to the cardinal symptoms of nasal obstruction, sneezing and mucous discharge, there is also itchiness of the nose and eye-related problems (including rhinoconjunctivitis) that can feature quite strongly in some people’s hayfever. And for some – it can cause itching all over the body.

Basically – it is an immune reaction.

As one person pointed out to me – “hay fever is fever without the fever” if that makes sense. Basically – the body’s immune system is under attack, which means – you need to build up the body’s immune system to counteract it.

As it is an immune reaction – please note, other health issues that only seem to occur when you are suffering from hay fever are frequently related due to them being caused thanks to a weakened immunes system. Such as urinary tract infections, candida or thrush, colds, gastric issues, arthritic symptom flare-ups and of course, asthma! Some people even have Chronic Fatigue symptoms.

So yet again – we return to gut health! As all of our immune system starts there.

Step one. Increase your intake of Prebiotic foods An easy and fast way to increase your prebiotic intake is to make up a green smoothie in the morning containing barley grass, wheatgrass, kale, a banana, flaxseeds (linseeds) sunflower seeds and almond seeds. Add an extra boost by adding beetroot, or a red vegetable powder mix that contains tomato, beetroot, acai berry, and other red fruits and vegetables.

This smoothie also increases your alkaline level in your body. No disease can grow in your body when it is in an alkaline state.

Up your fiber intake with every meal. If you love your sandwiches, choose bread high in seeds such as sunflower and linseeds, quinoa and chia seeds, plus add extra salad to every sandwich. Make sure your evening meals are mainly green and red vegetables, then add protein, followed by starches.

Step two. Now you have a healthy environment for your Probiotics to live in and flourish, add a probiotic. Unfortunately, you have to go hardcore – yoghurt and other probiotic foods such as Kombucha are just not enough on their own, you do need to get a good probiotic – my favorite is Caruso’s Nourishing Flora but like the antihistamines – you have to find one that works best for you.

If your health is really compromised – you may need to try a stronger blend. I personally find, that the ‘live’ probiotics found in the fridge in health food stores and chemists – still seem to work better than the ones which you can buy off the shelf – although the latter are better if you are traveling –  if you must use one off the shelf I personally like Bioglan’s Bio happy .

Garlic, Vitamin C,  and Horseradish,  all assist in managing Hayfever.

Garlic has been used as both a food and medicine for thousands of years, dating back to the time of the Egyptian pyramids when it was used to support workers’ immune defenses. Garlic appears to have several effects on the  immune system function including:

  • Enhancing the activity of some white blood cells that are important for supporting our immune health and protecting against illness e.g. macrophages and T‐lymphocytes.
  • Direct anti‐microbial activity, specifically against a wide range of bacteria and fungi strains.
  • It provides relief from mucous congestion and coughs.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and improves immune function. It helps to relieve the symptoms of allergies and sinusitis and provides relief from throat and sinus inflammation. Vitamin C  also assists in lowering elevated blood histamine levels, a chemical that plays a role in allergies.

Horseradish is part of the mustard family. It is used in traditional Eastern European medicine to help relieve mucous congestion in the upper respiratory tract.

Horseradish can help relieve nasal congestion, whether it’s due to a cold, allergy or sinus problems. It helps to break down mucus so your body can expel it more easily.

Horseradish is also known for its ability to fight bacteria so it can help your body combat bronchial complaints and respiratory congestion if caused by bacteria. It can also be used to help with healthy digestion.

I personally have found that if you take a large dose of a good blend of these –  you can skip the antihistamine!

My favorite is Nature’s own Triple Strength Garlic + C, Horseradish with Fenugreek and Marshmallow  it says to take 1 tablet twice daily – I often take 2 – 3 each go, especially when I am really symptomatic. (The only downside is that you may have a very close relationship with the toilet a few hours later or next day )

I have always been a huge fan of Homeopathy having been raised with it as a child. I have found that as soon as the hayfever season starts, if I start taking homeopathic hayfever drops – my favourite off the shelf being Brauers Hayferver tablets or Spray, I do not have any symptoms all season at all. The biggest challenge many including me –  find is to keep taking it 4 x per day at set intervals. If you know a GOOD homeopath – you can get a specific blend made up for you that will tackle the actual cause of the problem.

Using Eucalyptus oil in your wash helps kill dust mites which can often be a cause of allergies as well – if nothing else – your washing is bacteria free and smells divine!

Remember – if you are stressed or tired, your immune system will be compromised – which will mean that of course – your hay fever issues will worsen if you already have them or they will start. So get some sleep, do an indoor yoga session or meditate – om!

Hi! My name is Yvette van Schie, I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and professional makeup artist with 34 years of industry experience. I have worked with some of the best in the business, such as naturopaths and cosmetic surgeons and now besides writing my educational blog posts, I write holistic beauty articles for a multitude of professional industry suppliers.

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