Use the right mascara to get the best looking lashes and other lash tips!

With our magazines loaded full of photos of girls with super full, luscious lashes promoting one or another amazing mascara which is the best for lengthening, thickening or creating a “false lash effect”, it is becoming harder and harder to decide which mascara to buy!

The reality of the shots are that the girl usually is wearing false eyelashes which have then been enhanced in photoshop afterwards – so there is no way, your eyelashes are ever going to look like that!

Then there is the problem for some people, that no matter what they do, they end up with smudged mascara under their eyes or black specks under their eyebrows.

Finding the perfect mascara is no mean feat – it can be an incredibly expensive progress which can sometimes just seem like a waste of time. Throughout all of my years of wearing makeup, and working as a makeup artist (and that has been a LONG time!), it took me till this year when I found Curtis Collection by Victoria Curtis mascara to find a mascara which does not leave mascara above and below my eyes and makes my lashes look incredible!! This mascara brush actually does what it says it does. Gives amazing volume and length! So I know the pain of not having a mascara which just looks great all day!

There are lots of different thoughts on mascara, and everyone has their favourite product, and a word of advice or two. But here are a few thoughts which most professionals tend to agree on.

  1. Always renew your mascara regularly ideally every month, if not – at least every 3 months. Once it starts to dry out – you are not going to get the ultimate results you crave for, plus the older it gets  – the more chance of clumping and the more bacteria living in your mascara tube increasing your chances of an eye infection.
  2. Always use a NON waterproof mascara – waterproof drys out your lashes and will damage them over time. If you need waterproof mascara for the day – apply a product such as Proof it! by NYX  over the top of your favourite mascara, which will turn your great mascara into a waterproof one.
  3. Always take your mascara COMPLETELY OFF at the end of the day with a good eye makeup  remover – ideally use a face oil such as Argan oil or Rosehip oil to remove any residue left behind after you cleanse, as it will nourish your lashes and treat them for better length and strength at the same time!
  4. Lashes are like your hair – they need regular treatments. In actual fact daily treatments! Apply a good eyelash treatment to the lashes every day, or use a lash growing serum  – such as Eyenvy which gives you the most amazing lashes you have ever had.
  5. If you are blessed with lashes that are luscious and long and do not need extra length, choose a mascara which conditions your lashes when you use it.
  6. If you are a person who ends up with small dabs of mascara under your brows – give your lashes a quick blast with a cool hairdryer when applying mascara to dry them so they do not smudge. The reason you are getting the smudges is either because you have super long lashes and, or your eyes are deep set so that the lashes touch under your brow area. I have long lashes and my eyes are deep set – again- loving my Curtis Collection VX Volume Mascara as I do not have this problem anymore! Another product which I love is Blinc  – the original tube mascara which does not smudge not even when you cry!  and just comes off with water and gentle rubbing which means you have no black residue left on your lashes which can often be the cause of smudges under the eyes.
  7. It is a beauty myth that our eyes are oily – we have NO oil glands on our eyes – so there is no way they can become oily! Physically not possible! So make sure you moisturise your eyes well as the moisturiser will also seep into the skin around your eyes improving your eyelash health.
  8. Choosing a mascara with a brush with the correct size for your eyes is also important. If you have small eyes – a large mascara brush will not only give you big lashes – but it will also spread mascara all around your eye area! You are better off using a smaller brush with a pointed tip – or one which looks like a comb. If you have very thick lashes, a big ‘furry’ brush is just going to pack on the mascara as well – you are better off using a medium plastic brush to separate and build up, or yet again, use a comb style mascara wand. Medium to long fine lashes, or even short fine lashes are best off with a full brush as this allows you to deposit a larger quantity of mascara on your lashes.
  9. There are multiple rules to applying mascara. Some people recommend wriggling the mascara at the roots to add lift, others point out we need to apply mascara in the tiniest corners. Some say 1 coat, others 2. Personally, I recommend applying mascara to the bottom lashes first and then applying two coats on the upper lashes starting as close to the roots as possible – wriggle or no wriggle! Make sure you apply mascara to all of the lashes – as it will give you a fuller lash look. If you have found your perfect mascara, but the wand is too big to get into the corners of your eyes – buy a few disposable mascara wands. These wand’s tips are small enough to get into the inside eye area and can pick up the outer lashes too without spreading mascara over your whole face!
  10. A good eyelash primer, like a face primer, can make a massive difference to the final outcome of your lashy look. Like face primers – there are many to choose from. You can get lash primers to give your lashes added hydration – excellent for under waterproof mascara which you usually need to wear for swimming or weddings! Or a primer to add extra Oomph! and volume. My favourite is Blinc Lash Primer as it does both!
  11. If you do get mascara in unwanted areas – use a Micellar water on a cotton tip to remove or your eye makeup remover or your toner – whichever works best – do avoid rubbing as it worsens the problem (I am sure I do not have to tell you that as I am sure you have found that out already!)
  12. If your mascara is clumping – it is too dry – do not use it as it is not healthy for your lashes. NO, do not add makeup remover to the mascara as some beauty editors say – eye makeup remover is not designed to stay on the skin, let alone your eyelashes! If your mascara is dry – toss it – as it is full of lovely bacteria…….. Lashes should look full and naturally long – not thick and gluggy. If you want extra lash – apply 1 coat of mascara, then strip of false eyelashes then another coat of mascara when the glue is dry.(note – cut the false eyelashes to the size of your eye so they look more natural)
  13. If you have pencil straight Asian or even pencil straight Caucasian eyelashes, choose a mascara that promises to curl your lashes as metal eyelash curlers will damage your eyelashes with constant use. If you need to use a curler, use a heated one – either one which is in the shape of a metal eyelash curler, or one which looks like a small comb, the later is easier to use, gives great results and no damage. A mascara which keeps popping up in chat rooms which works on dead straight lashes is Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara   it is supposed to be amazing. I have not tried it on anyone yet – but it is on my shopping list.
  14. If you are someone who has extremely sensitive eyes and keeps having issues with different mascara’s  – carry a pack of disposable mascara wands with you when you are out and about makeup free, and try the mascara’s on in the shops or beauty salons first – wear for the day, and see how you go. Blinc mascaras and Curtis Collection mascara I  have never had a client react to them – so definitely worth a try! Also, although often quite an issue for those with sensitive eyes – get your lashes tinted, as it will lessen the times you actually do wear mascara  – giving your skin and eyes a break – remember every time you have an allergic reaction to something it lessens your immune system causing you to become more sensitive as time goes on, so try and avoid supermarket products and large cosmetic company products as you are more likely to have issues.

If you hate using mascara, look at getting your eyelashes tinted – the ends of even the darkest eyelashes are always blond due to light fading them, and start using a serum to help you lashes grow! For more information go to this link!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Keep on lashing on! And click on follow me if you would like to receive regular posts! And do join me on Facebook! 


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