Can a mouthful of oil give you ‘healthy’ white teeth?


It so can!

But not only do you end up with the whitest healthiest strongest teeth and gums ever – you also detox your body at the same time!

I came across the treatment of oil pulling only a few months  ago, and now wish that I had found out about it years ago! As it has made a massive difference to the health of my teeth, as well as how white they are. The best part – is that they are not only white, but there is NO sensitivity involved! I can also still drink my morning coffee and my evening glass of wine, without undoing $1000s of dollars of dental work. Every time I sloosh and swish – my teeth end up whiter and stronger than the day before.

This strange sounding health practice is right up my ally, as it is a holistic approach to beauty – it not only improves how good you look – but how great you feel and become!

Oil pulling is an age old Ayurvedic treatment – going back 3000 years. It has been widely practiced in India since ancient times as a natural way to detox the body and remedy disease. It has since then been scientifically proven that many diseases found in the body originate in the mouth from nasty bacteria that finds its way down into the gut.

The ancients used to use sesame oil, but recently coconut oil has become the oil of choice due to its numerable health benefits. Oil pulling is not just for the super health conscious, but for anyone after clearer skin, boosted energy levels and strengthened immune system as well as being a amazing way to detox the body. (Great to counteract the big weekend – or lolly or chocolate fix!)

It also has the amazing ability to whiten your teeth – without the sensitivity and pain usually involved in teeth whitening. My teeth look whiter and healthier than ever, and the sensitivity I have suffered from for years (due to teeth whitening products) has completely gone!

Coconut oil pulling works by dissolving the yellowing biofilm crated on teeth by bacteria – otherwise known as plaque. The bacterium is oil soluble which is why oil pulling is such a amazing way to effectively cleanse the teeth without using nasty chemicals found in conventional oral hygiene products. It also means that your dentist trips can be minimized down to just a check up – as there is nothing really left to clean – your teeth are just fresh and smooth, which conventional products just cannot achieve.

There is only one problem with oiling – the taste and the inconvenience. You can warm up a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl placed  in a larger bowl filled with warm water (do NOT microwave it!) twice a day, and then pop it in your mouth, or if you love the taste of coconut oil, you can pop it directly into your mouth and warm it as you swish (admittedly the oil is lovely and liquid in summer – but most of the year, unless you live in a hot climate, it tends to be solid). I personally am not a lover of the taste of coconut oil – or in actual fact any oil in my mouth – so always found this to be a challenge.

BUT now  you can buy these amazing little sachets of delicious tasting oils from a young Australian company called Keeko. Keeko oils come in great handy portable 10 ml oil sachets in 3 yummy flavours.  Morning mint (peppermint and spearmint) Citrus Burst (lemon lime and pink grapefruit) and sweet sensation (vanilla cinnamon). They make the art of oil pulling a breeze, and tasty as well!

The oils are all organic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. They have been scientifically developed to be more effective at whitening teeth and detoxifying the body that just using regular coconut oil. They are dentist approved and recommended. Australian made and founded by Sabrina Jacquier Parr this year 2016.

The company is also ethical – which I just love! 1% (which will increase as the company’s profits increase) of their monthly sales go towards the planet. Their products are packaged by Packforce who now for 50 years have trained and employed people with disabilities to give them opportunities and equal work rights.

How to oil pull.

Pop your coconut oil (or ideally your Keeko oil) in your mouth and swish it around for 5 – 10 minutes. I pop it in my mouth before hitting the shower, or at night whilst watching TV after I have finished eating and or drinking. Spit out in the bin as it clogs up the sink (if you keep forgetting as I do – pop bicarb of soda and vinegar, followed by a kettleful of boiling hot water down your drain weekly so that it unblocks that which you have spat down it!)

Then brush with a gentle charcoal brush (available from Keeko oil as well). The first few times I  finished off with a small amount of toothpaste on my normal toothbrush as I wanted to  remove the layers of plaque as fast as I could. I also had a few issues getting my head space around just using the oil. This took me around 3 days – now – shiny clean teeth after my twice per day swishing session!

To buy these divine oils go to Keeko Oil  and pop in this code  Yvette 10 for a 10% discount!

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