In search of the fountain of youth 6

Soothe your immune system.

The immune system is designed to defend and protect us. But if it is constantly under attack, and does not get any down time, it will become over active.

It, like our body and mind, needs time out to rest. The way it does this is through being in a stress free, calm, and free of infectious threats and harmful toxins environment.

Make sure your home is a soothing place. It does not have to be large, glamourous or expensive – just a place which feels like ‘home’. Avoid using nasty chemicals to clean, as this stresses the immune system. Keep the house clean, fresh and filled with light.

Have regular massages, research shows that massage not only works on the muscles, but also on our immune system as it lowers our cortisol levels – therefore lowering our stress levels.

Drink clean filtered water, not tap water as the chemicals in tap water put stress on your system.

Do not clean your house with, or keep pungent smelling chemicals in the house. Or use pungent chemicals in anything such as air freshners, as all chemicals attack the immune system.

Have quiet time – if you live in a noisy house, or street, plug your self into soothing music whilst you do things, soft soothing music lowers stress. Or plug yourself into music you love – just nothing which gets the heart going as this will stimulate your body, not relax it. Ideally do not choose music which reminds you of work – or it will have the opposite effect.

Burn natural scented candles, or essential oils in the house – the right scents can lower your immune system or activate it – burn scents which make you feel relaxed. They do not have to be lavender or chamomile – it can be neroli or lemongrass!

Most importantly – do not stress!

Easier said than done?

Whenever you feel your stress levels rising, ask yourself ‘can I solve this problem? If yes, why are you stressed? If no? why are you stressed? Stressing about it is not going to solve it anyway!’ Take a deep breath, and keep on going, believe that a solution is around the corner, because there always is,  remember every time you allow yourself a stress session you are taking years off your life…………….

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