In search of the Fountain of Youth 4


Breath to live

 We all breath every day, but do you actually ‘breath’.

Breathing –really breathing, is fundamentally important to our wellbeing. During the day we breath up to twenty eight thousand times! Which is about as many times as the average person will go to bed in a life time! But how often do we think about our breathing?

Breathing is life, everything breathes: people, all animals, all plants, in fact, the whole entire planet breathes, Breathing is the central unchanging fact of existence.There is evidence linking laboured or impaired breathing to diseases such as emphysema, asthma and bronchitis. All which effect the immune system.

Are you holding your breath when you a typing at the computer? Or running up the stairs to an important meeting?

Do you ever stop to just take a big deep breath just for the sake of it?

You will find that once you become aware of your breathing – you will notice how discordant it is. But it is also  incredibly easy to remedy!

Every now and again just sigh. Sighing creates resistance to airflow on exhalation and this can help relax the chest muscles.

To help relax muscles in the chest and abdomen when you are stressed, take a full deep breath in through your nose so your lungs are completely filled. Then as you exhale, say “aaaaahhhhh” softly in a sighing sound. Repeat three times or until you feel completely relaxed.

A good exercise to strengthen your diaphragm, is to make a tight fist with your hand, place it in front of your mouth and breath in as hard as you can through the tiny hole. Whilst sucking in the air, concentrate on your abdomen and diaphragm, making sure your stomach is expanding with each breath.

Good breathing will help your body detox, helping you loose weight.

Exercise to breath. Yoga, swimming, walking, running, pilates, dancing are all great ways to improve your breathing. The cardio exercises make you breath deeply, whilst Yoga and Pilates make you aware of your breath, as you consciously breath during these exercises.

Wake up in the morning, stretch, and take a big breath – repeat just before bed time.


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