In search of the fountain of youth 3


A friend of mine said to me the other day “I would like to look young and be slim and vibrantly healthy, but I do not want to live like a zealot so I will put up with being over weight, looking older than my years and put up with being unwell”.

Living like a zealot is not a happy state of mind, so in actual fact, it too is ageing. Finding balance in your life – a balance which works for you, will become your fountain of youth. The following information over the next few articles is only a guideline, for you to pick and choose, and make it what you will.

For the next two weeks I will be blogging twice per week till I have covered all of the subjects.

Eat for health

Eating hard to digest food puts a huge of strain on your digestion, gut and liver. This stress wrecks havoc with your immune system thus causing you to age. Listen to your body when you eat. If you are gluten intolerant per say, a healthy crusty seeded slice of sunflower and linseed bread, could be more harmful to your body than a bag of hot chips!

You will know if your body is happy when eating something or not. As in happy, I am saying, feeling comfortable with the food. For example; You drink a cup of green, peppermint or other herbal tea with honey. Your stomach feels warm and calm. If you are not a herbal tea fan, your taste buds may not be satiated though, so you drink a cup of normal tea with a teaspoon of sugar and milk. If you find that your stomach feels exactly the same, then the normal tea with milk and sugar is fine. If you feel a little discomfort, you know there could be a issue with the caffeine, the milk or the sugar.

You may then decide to eat a bowl of salad greens, carrots, beetroot, and sauerkraut, with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar – flavour may seem average – but the stomach feels fine. Add a tomato, all still ok? Or do you burp, or feel ill at ease? You add a avocado – yum! Or do you feel heavy.

Simply what I am saying is that you need to listen to your digestion when you eat. I find I have to eat a pile of vegetables before eating anything else – my body likes the prebiotic effect. Find what works for you. Once you learn to listen to your body, you will enjoy your food more, you will feel less tired, less bloated, loose weight and improve your immune system beyond measure.

There are certain foods you just need to avoid, like it or not, or only eat them in minimal quantities;

  • Fatty foods – take away foods such as fatty burgers, fried chicken, hot chips, ice cream sundaes, chips, hot dogs etc.
  • Processed foods – processed meats, packaged foods full of fillers and sugars, processed cheese, instant soup packs, tinned meals and pre cooked prepared instant meals (read the back of the pack, some are fine).
  • Sugar laden foods – packaged foods, breakfast cereals (again read the back of the packet), ice-cream – you would be surprised at what is actually in many so called ice-creams, some contain pretty well everything except milk or cream!
  • Chemical laden foods – read the back of every thing you buy, you will be amazed at what those so called healthy foods often contain. If it has a number on the back – don’t eat it! Also be aware that the vegetables you buy in the shops are all sprayed with pesticides – these pesticides build up in your body and wreak havoc with your immune system. There are now more and more links between these ‘safe’ chemical spays and cancer. ( This does not include organic vegetables, but why they need to pack these in plastic????)

Listen to your body and it will tell you what works for it and what does not. Do you crave sugars and processed foods and fats? This could mean you have a gut flora issue. When your gut does not have enough healthy flora and is toxic, it will demand more toxic foods to maintain its unhealthy state!

To help your gut return to a healthy state, you will have to look at your prebiotic and probiotic food intake – for more information on how to do this click on this link remember all health starts from a healthy gut, all ill health starts there too!

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