In search of the fountain of youth 1


How fast are you ageing?

The reason we age is not about counting birthdays, it is because our immune systems turn against us. Scientists are beginning to understand that autoimmune diseases are not the only diseases where the body is attacked by its own immune system. It now appears that every disease of ageing is associated with immune hyperactivity and this hyperactivity is largely responsible for human ageing itself.

This may sound scary, but what it also means is that if you take the best possible care of your immune system, you can prevent it from becoming overactive, and you could live healthily and vibrantly to over 100 years of age.

The legendary Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon supposedly spent the year of 1513 searching for the fountain of youth. He wasn’t the first person or the last to go looking. Stories of water that restore youth to the aged have been popular throughout history. These waters are said to be located in Ethiopia, Asia and Northern Europe, all off the beaten path of course! But as yet, no one has found them.

Although he never found the fountain of youth – and died in 1521 at the relatively old age (for a explorer) of 61 years old, his failure did not, and has not stopped countless explorers, dreamers, biochemists and pretty well everyone else who wishes to live a full and healthy long life from searching for the fountain of youth whether it be in the form of water, a tonic, a pill, an injection or a shake or specific expensive diet.

It has become a huge money spinning market, second to the weight loss market. So many companies, predominantly pyramid selling companies, have found a great way to sell amazing anti aging blends of tablets, shakes and drinks all to turn back the hands of time. Sign up, and you can buy it at the great wholesale price of WHAT!? The price tags on these anti aging drinks and blends are unbelievable! But in their protection, they do actually improve your wellbeing if you do not have a holistic approach to your diet and lifestyle. They are a expensive but  relatively easy way to bolster your well being without you doing any thinking. But they will not turn back the hands of time – unfortunately you need to approach your immune system holistically for it to function at its optimal best.

Over the next few blogs I will be covering the causes and the solutions to our bodies ageing. The healthier our immune system, the healthier and younger you will be and feel.

The following will effect how well or badly you are ageing;

Are you within your healthy weight range, or are you 4 or more kilos overweight?

Do you smoke?

Do you live in the city?

Do you exercise regularly?

Have you taken any antibiotics in the last year(s)?

Is your tummy larger than your hips?

Have you made love in the last week?

Did you tell a funny joke today or laugh with someone?

Do you have a pet?

Do you floss your teeth?

Have you had a massage in the last month?

Do you eat three x per day, graze or one or two big meals?

Do you supplement with vitamins, super foods or probiotics?

Have you raised your voice in anger in the last 24 hours? Have you grumbled or moaned?

Do you feel anxious during the day?

Ever feel down in the dumps? Blue, sad, depressed or just despairing?

Did you sleep well last night?

Do you sing? Hum and listen to music?

I will explain in the following blogs why each question effects your immunity and your age!

Step one – be happy! Find something to love or laugh about and you have taken the first step to turning back the clock!

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