Did you know that caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours!?


In today’s society, sleep disorders have reached epidemic proportions, and one of the culprits is caffeine.

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or work colleague, or grabbing another cup in the afternoon to get you through the load of work you have to finish before you head home, have become very much part of most peoples every day lives.

A standard cup of coffee, 100 gm contains 40mg of coffee. Remember as you upsize your cup of coffee you upsize your caffeine!

Energy drinks have also become very popular, many non-coffee and tea drinkers choose to drink these fizzy concoctions to give them the same burst of energy tea and coffee drinkers enjoy. A Red Bull contains 30 mg of caffeine, 10 mg less than a standard cup of coffee.

Tea, although it is officially much lower in caffeine than coffee – is in fact not, when you brew your tea for the normal five minutes. Brew it for five minutes and your cup of tea contains 30 mg, compared to dunking the bag for one minute equaling 20 mg.

But unknown to us, is the reality that caffeine’s half-life is more than six hours. This means that six hours after you have drunk your last cup of coffee, half the caffeine remains in your system, six hours after that, a quarter is still left. So if you drink a cup of coffee or tea, or have an energy drink at 4 pm, you will still have 1/2 of that caffeine in your system at 10 pm and a 1/4 of that coffee in your system at 4 am in the morning!

Certain conditions such as pregnancy prolong that half-life even further, extending it to as much as eighteen hours! Birth control pills extend the half-life of caffeine to more as well including certain antibiotics, antacids, antidepressants, and other drugs. Even grapefruit juice significantly prolongs the effects of caffeine in the body!

Add to the caffeine –  the side effects sugar has on your body………  you may want to think again before you reach for your afternoon tea and scones……….

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