Another New Years Resolution?

Like so many people do at this time of year, I found myself deciding which of my unfulfilled goals I would put at the top of my new years resolution list.

Whilst mulling away, thinking which of these should I place first; loose weight, get my book finished, dress better, get my grooming sorted, exercise more, clean the house better etc etc etc….I stopped in my tracks and sat back and thought – this is all great – but does it all actually matter?

One girlfriend is in so much pain she is having a pain blocker injected into her back, another is covered in psoriasis due to trying to be super mum, one has chronic headaches, another is always sick when you call her, another super mum is always stressed, another has constant back pain and I am covered from head to toe in a stress rash.

Seriously? Why am I trying to add more stress to my life by setting my self challenging goals which I would love to achieve, but in the scheme of things – do they really matter when we do not have our health?

In actual fact, our first and foremost goal for 2016 should be to be healthy, filled with energy and happy. When you are all of those things everything else just happens.

What makes you happy? Lying in the sun for a few minutes a day at lunch time? Going for a brisk walk first thing in the morning with your dog? Eating a delicious meal which does not leave you feeling bloated and heavy and unwell?

So you do not think these things will make you happy? Then what does? But before you sign off and say – this makes me happy – is it a positive move to increasing your health and energy levels as well?

Hanging out with your friends makes you happy? Fantastic! But does it involve delicious fresh healthy food with a good glass of wine?  or does it involve large amounts of alcohol, which leaves you hung over and bloated the next day? Is one day of happiness worth a few days of un- wellness? Does this happy day affect your health and energy levels?

Going to the movies makes you happy? A long walk on the beach with your best friend? Snuggling up with your loved one and dog make you happy?

Really truly, what makes you happy?

My other half loves watering the garden whilst he drinks a scotch, or he loves sitting with a fellow music lover listening to music on a unbelievably wonderful sound system. Both are good for his soul, do not damage his health, and leave him feeling energised and well.

I love to walk and walk and walk – did this till I hobbled home with blisters the other day – so need to reassess how much I do – as my 4 hours of bliss, gave me 2 days of pain. And stopped me from feeling healthy, energised and happy.

I feel 2016 should be a year of wellness for everyone, lets take some pressure off our doctors and mental health practitioners. So, maybe they cannot afford to buy a new expensive car this year because we are not cueing up to see them- but they too will have time to feel happy, healthy and energised!

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  1. Jelica

    Hi Yvette. I loved your blog. It is certainly true that we all want to be super-human beings and in trying to achieve that, we add a lot of unnecessary stress to our already stressful lives. So perhaps we all need to stop and smell the roses a bit more often and, as you say, “everything else just happens”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coty Farquhar

    Well said Yvette !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on you! xxx Wishing you and Steve the most amazing year ahead xxxx Coty

    COTY FARQUHAR Founder & Editor in Chief Styling Magazine – Australia


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