Surviving Christmas Cheer!

So many of us,  are feeling slightly……….well………..just not right. Yes, its Christmas time again!  The time of year when we try to fit in parties, Christmas shopping and those work deadlines!

Keeping upright when you are feeling a touch seedy from the night before, or just downright exhausted from running around during the weekend shopping, whilst partying all night long – let alone trying to fit in grooming so you look your most divine………… is just a tad trying even if it is all positively marvellous!

By supporting your body, you will find looking and feeling good so much easier to do!

1. Get yourself a 2 litre bottle of water and refill it with purified water daily adding 10 – 20 mls of Chlorophyll. My favourite ones are Natures Way and Bioglan as they have no fillers and a mild taste. Drink this throughout the day to cleanse and detoxify your body. What ever you do not drink throughout the day, drink before you go to bed especially if you have been drinking and eating indigestible foods.

2. Take a good probiotic before you go to bed. This will counteract the side effects of all of that sugar you have consumed over the last while. Sugar kills off the healthy bacteria in your gut, causing multiple long term health issues. Even if you have not eaten sugary foods, the alcohol you are drinking is full of sugar – especially if you are drinking white or sparkling wines. All forms of alcohol kills of healthy flora in your gut, so make sure you take a potent probiotic such as Nourishing Flora by Caruso. Make sure that you top up your probiotic intake throughout the day by drinking Kombucha drinks and or swapping your yoghurt for Kefir.

3. To counteract the fatigue and need for a extra dose of vitamin B, go to a natural source of vitamin B and a serious kick of protein with extra detoxifying power! Spirulina contains large doses of Vitamin B, Magnesium, and is incredibly high in protein. Taken first thing in the morning either as a powder or in tablet form, will give you a hit of energy throughout the day and night.

4. Keep up the exercise even if it is just walking up the stairs at work, or parking the car a bit further away at the shops or at that party. Go online and follow a detox yoga video – I love Gaia, to speed up your detoxification. Just keep moving so that your lymphatics are given some help cleaning your system out. You will be rewarded with brighter eyes and clearer skin!

5. Cleanse your skin. Do not go to bed wearing makeup, cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed. It really is easier to wash your face in the shower, and the warm water will sooth those aching joints especially if you have been wearing heels all night. If your skin is looking flat and lifeless, a good stimulating facial scrub will remove the dead skin cells and invigorate the skin. Massage vigorously in a upward circular motion, not forgetting the neck and jawline.

6. Woken up with a killer hangover? I know this will make you reel back in horror, but squeeze the juice of a lemon into a shot or warm water. Not only will it detox you, but it will give you a massive hit of vitamin C at the same time.

7. Puffy and bloated? Mix coffee with salt grains with olive oil and shower gel – more coffee and salt and shower gel than oil as you want the salt and coffee to detoxify, the shower gel to add emollient, and the oil to stop the drying out. Too much oil will lessen the penetration of the salt and coffee into the body. The coffee gets the blood flowing, the salt works at exfoliating, and cleansing.(If your face is puffy, using this blend gently but continuously for 5 minutes will help drain the puffiness!)

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