For the love of lashes


Why is it that babies and young men have the long lashes – when we as women are the ones who really, truly want them badly!

And those eyebrows! With the ongoing fashion changing the shape and look of our brows – one year they are thin – the next year they are thick – all great – but the truth of the matter is that once you wax all of your eyebrows off for a continuous length of time – they will not grow back!

Our genetics and diet affect how well our eyelashes grow, and how thick. Genetics play a major part in the length and thickness of our lashes and brows when we are born, but the way we treat them throughout our lives will affect how healthy they stay.

Harsh dieting will not affect them when you are younger – but as you reach your 30s, that is when it will come to bite you. Keep starving yourself then, and by the time you are 50, you along with your eyelashes will look haggard.

Rubbing your eyes mercilessly when you have allergic irritated eyes won’t help things along either. If you are allergic – that $12 bottle of eyedrops will save your eyelashes, not just now, but in the long run. Rub your eyes long and often enough, therefore damaging the roots of your lashes, and they will give up growing.

The quality and the state of your mascara will also affect your lash health. Mascara needs to be tossed every 3 months if not sooner if it is used religiously every day. A dirty mascara filled with bacteria will damage lash health, as well as increasing your chance of eye infections. It also lowers your immune system which will speed up your ageing process as your immune system controls the way and speed in which you age.

Choose your mascara the same way you choose your skincare. Using a quality mascara that conditions and treats your eyelashes such as EyEnvy Mascara will improve the health of your lashes. If on a budget, using a natural gentle mascara such as one of  Natio’s large range will condition and take care of the eyelashes as well as giving you a massive choice.

Waterproof mascara has its place – for weddings or a pool party. But using a waterproof mascara for day to day use is a lash death wish. Many women choose waterproof mascara as it will not smudge. Personally, I think taking a minute or two a couple of times per day to clean up the smudges on your face, is definitely preferable to ending up with short damaged lashes! And anyway – you need to top up your lipstick a few times a day, so why not check your eye makeup at the same time?

With eyebrows having come back into fashion – the boy brow – which is fashion’s rebellion against the over coloured Kim Kardashian brow – eyebrows are getting a break from being tortured and then painted. This very – even too natural look – at least gives eyebrows a chance to regenerate. The only problem – as with the lashes – once they are damaged they just do not grow back.

Lash health – like skin health is managed by what you put in your mouth. Age will also affect the state of your lashes as it will affect your hair, but a healthy diet, will improve the health of your lashes very quickly. Unlike skin which is such a huge organ, it takes a lot longer to see change.

Ill health will show up in your skin, hair, and nails, as the body sends nutrients to this area last when it is not well.

Eyelash extensions look great for a few days. Unfortunately, they will start to come off in just under 2 weeks if they have been applied really well and you are really careful with them, or they will start to come off in a few days if they are not applied well or you are rough with them. So many brides love to have eyelash extensions for their weddings, but I always point out that by the end of the first week of their honeymoon, they will be looking lovingly into their partner’s eyes with a few drunk looking eyelashes hanging down or sticking out in strange angles!

The other bad news is that they will damage your eyelashes over time just like acrylic nails will damage your nails.

The best way to help your eyelashes grow is to use a growing serum. There are so many of them on the market – I must admit I have pretty well tried most of them, and had no real success. One which keeps coming up with ongoing success stories is EyEnvy, everyone I recommend this product to comes back to me within a month with amazing looking eyelashes. One of my girlfriends has been using it for 6 months and her eyelashes are so long that they make extensions look pathetic. It is also marvellous for thickening up eyebrows! It effectively fills in empty gaps when used the same way as you would use it on your eyelashes.

This serum also works wonders when used in conjunction with eyelash extensions as it will help your own lashes grow thicker and stronger, giving the eyelash extensions something to hold onto, therefore stopping them from falling off so quickly.

I cannot stress the importance of effective eye and brow makeup remover. You must use a proper remover to remove all of your makeup every night as the leftover makeup will damage your eyelashes as well as your brows. If you are one of the followers of the KK fashion of too much brow,  and too much mascara, you have to go the extra mile and really invest in the best of the best eye makeup remover. In actual fact, everyone should. If your budget is tight – just use olive oil before your cleanse – it is great – will remove everything whilst nourishing your lashes and brows!

But remember – if your internal health is good, then you are more likely to grow thicker more luscious lashes then when your health is average. This is more so as you age. The older you get, the slower the serum will work, but if you are healthy, the serum will work at the same speed as a 20 year old, as age has nothing to do with numbers, but everything to do with your  immune system. But that’s another article!

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