Wash your hair shiny and healthy!

A blog about how to effectively wash your hair? Can the way you wash your hair improve its health, and the way it looks?

You have got to be crazy!

But please read on!

As a hair and makeup artist, I cannot begin to tell you how many people who think they wash their hair well, in actual fact don’t!

I spend a lot of time at weddings and shoots spraying copious quantities of dry hair shampoo into newly washed hair. So often the smell of oil and sweat which emerges from my client’s scalp makes my stomach turn.

And these are not dirty girls either, they are beautifully groomed and clean and frequently have just washed their hair in the last hour or so.

The trick to washing your hair is to wash the scalp, not the hair, but the scalp.

Wet your hair thoroughly under the shower and apply your shampoo to the scalp on the hot spot. The hot spot- is the back of the head where you wear your ponytail or bun. Scrub your whole scalp with your fingertips as if your life depended on it! Then run the foam through the rest of your hair to the ends and rinse.

If the weather is hot, or you are using a natural shampoo repeat. If you have Balayage or an oily scalp with dry ends, you may need to use two different shampoos – one for the roots and one for the ends as you will find that the one which suits the ends will leave your scalp oily and the one which suits the roots will leave the ends dry.

But before you run out to buy a shampoo for the ends, first try a richer conditioner. Conditioner must only be applied to the ends of the hair, not anywhere near the scalp – the scalp does not need conditioning. Massage the conditioner into the ends, and with a wide-toothed comb, comb it through all of your hair if you have dry, or bleached hair. If you have natural hair, only comb it through the ends, and 1/2 way up the shaft.

After your shampoo or conditioner, make sure you rinse thoroughly. Because our shower heads are now water saver shower heads, we so often do not rinse our hair out well enough. I am lucky, being on tank water, I have an old fashioned shower head – lots of water! But when I travel, I really struggle rinsing my hair as it is thick and tends to hold on to shampoo and conditioner.

I am a big advocate for natural anything – but I have found that natural shampoos often leave people with scary oily hair. I mean smelly drippy greasy hair. If you change from a chemical-based shampoo to a natural shampoo, it will take a while for your scalp to adjust, as it is used to pushing out extra oil to compromise for the scalp being stripped. You may need to start your change to natural shampoo by buying a deep cleansing shampoo before moving onto one for your hair type. Ideally, you should be using a deep cleansing shampoo once per month. My favorite one is Davroe Clarify Deep Cleansing Shampoo – I actually love all of their vegan natural hair care.

If you have really greasy hair, use a lot of styling products or oils in your hair, a deep cleansing shampoo is as important to use as a regular hair mask.

A great alternative to dry shampoo when you do not have one on hand is corn flour or baby powder. Massage into your scalp as you would dry shampoo, leave for a few minutes and with head above the bath or shower, using your fingers and or a brush, brush out! Corn flour is a better choice for dark hair.

If you have ongoing scalp issues, massage  Apple Cider Vinegar into your scalp straight after you shampoo, rinse and then condition as usual. Great for dandruff, and itchy scalp. It also removes any product build-up from your scalp and hair.

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