Did you know? You do not need to apply makeup with a small trowel to make it last!


You do not need to apply your makeup with a small trowel to make it last! It is more about the correct skin preparation and a effective technique of makeup layering. If you do this correctly, you can apply your makeup very lightly and still have a flawless finish 12 hours later.

Step 1.  Cleanse and exfoliate your skin thoroughly, and then apply a generous dollop of moisturiser to your face, and eye cream to your eyes. Leave skin to settle for half an hour.

Step 2.  Apply a eye primer to your eyes, and face primer to your face.

Step 3.  Ideally using a round foundation brush, apply a even coverage of foundation to your face  and under your eyes. Apply concealer to spots on face, or dab on another layer of foundation. Apply a lighter concealer under your eyes to conceal any dark shadows. I personally am guilty of using my fingers when I apply foundation to my face as it means I can keep the coverage to a bare minimum in the good skin areas, and apply a thicker coat where I need more help!

Step 4. By using a powder foundation instead of  a normal translucent powder, you will make your makeup last, do not be afraid to apply this with a heavy hand with a large powder brush, as it will settle into your skin after around 1/2 hour, giving you a flawless finish.

Step 5. Apply a base coat of colour over your eyelid, and keep layering the eye colours on – this assists in keeping your eyes looking clean and fresh. Apply eyeliner last and apply pencil over the top to either blend it in, or aid in keeping it on.

Step 6. Apply a dollop of cheek cream to your cheeks before applying your blusher – this is a double dip – but helps keep your makeup looking fresh!

Step 7. To keep your lips looking great – apply, lip balm – leave for 10 minutes, then pencil, lipstick and then lipgloss – shiny luscious lips, no bleed!

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