What the difference is between a cosmetic and a cosmeceutical?

I am often asked ‘what’s the difference between a cosmetic and a cosmeceutical cream?’ The difference between them is whether the product can penetrate the skin’s surface to promote change on a cellular level.

Cosmetics are simply creams or lotions that smooth or hydrate your skin. This category of products is available in chemists and department stores.  Cosmetics cannot penetrate the epidermis to access the deeper layers of the skin (does not matter what the girl on the other side of the counter says). So, while cosmetics may improve your complexion for a few hours, they cannot create structural changes or deliver long-term results. Basically anything you buy over the counter or off the shelf without the guidance of a beauty therapist will be a cosmetic.

Cosmeceuticals represent the marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals contain high concentrations of bioactive ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinoids and Vitamin C, just to name a few ingredients. Advanced technology enables deep penetration of these active ingredients. As a result, cosmeceuticals can produce structural changes within the skin and are ideal for the treatment of skin conditions like acne, hyper-pigmentation and ageing.  Only available in quality beauty salons and paramedical skin clinics, cosmeceuticals can only be prescribed by a skin professional.

One such product is David Deans Skincare www.daviddeans.com.au whose highly effective skincare underwent five years of stringent testing before it was released to market.

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