Whats wrong with my face? Post No 1

Aaarrrggghhh, another pimple! And off course – just when you want to look good this weekend as well – what is this?

You have had loads of sleep, and still dark circles under my eyes? And why oh why do I have to grow a volcano on my chin every month?

Your face is your guide to the state of your internal health. If you treat that area of your body, you will quickly gain control over your facial skin, as long as you are taking care of the surface properly already!

If you notice you have reoccurring acne in the same spot, you definitely have a chronic issue in that area. A perfect example is the area known as the puppet lines down each side if the mouth. Many people end up with deep lines in this area, way before their faces start to sag. This area is the large intestine which could mean irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, chronic constipation, immune issues, just to name a few.

Another area which afflicts many people, is the cheeks – which seems to slowly work its way down the cheek area. This generally is the stomach – digestive issues, food allergies etc. Or the lungs, I often find smokers do not get acne is this area of their faces, but the skin becomes congested and dry.

Puffy under the eyes? How is your water intake? And if you say good, is it pure filtered water? How much tea and or coffee are you drinking? Alcohol?

Many people say to me – but my mother has the same issues – she has dark circles under her eyes, or deep lines between the brows, and neither of us frowns! This could mean you have a weak liver – which is often genetic. Do you have high cholesterol? Cheap drunk?

Ok, so you go on line and start looking at facial charts to see what is wrong with you. But this in itself is confusing – there are two facial charts, example of two below. In actual truth, although there are a few differences between both of them, they are in actual fact pretty much the same.

tcm-facial-diagnosisAcne Body Mapping Zones

Over the next few weeks, I will look at each section of your face and explain internally and externally how you can deal with the problems facing you – I am looking forward to lots of interaction!

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