There is Moor to mud

A long time ago, someone, it must have been a young person with problematic acne, because who else but a young person would try something that crazy? Decided to try mud as an acne cure.

Or it could have been a healer who noticed that the mineral mud and peat was used by wounded animals to heal them selves. However we found out, I am grateful they did, otherwise we would not know what we do today about the amazing ability of mud to detoxify and remineralise the body, as well as deep cleanse the skin of impurities?

Thank goodness for the ongoing search for clear healthy skin did not end there. Others looked to the seabed for solutions, obviously after they noticed how clean and clear the skin looked after swimming in the ocean.

Today – after a few decades of using toxic chemicals, we are returning to using the knowledge we have gained over the centuries, instead of trying to find the perfect skin cure in a pot full of man made substances.

For the last 60 years, scientists have been looking closer at natural ways to obtain optimal health. More and more of them looking at preventing ill health and finding the ultimate way to stay younger in body and mind, instead of treating disease to just keep us alive, but not in ultimate good health.

One such doctor has been nick named Doctor Telomere – His real name being Doctor Bill Andrews. He has been researching ways to stop our Telomere’s from shortening. How these telomeres work is a whole other blog – but in simple terms – they are part of our cellular network, and as we age, these telomeres become shorter and shorter, and then we die. The use of chemical skin care speeds up the shortening of these telomeres; so natural skincare is a must.

The ultimate solution would be to find a skincare product that not only treated the skin but also whilst being applied to the skin, treated us internally to keep our bodies healthy.

Something, which has attracted a lot of attention, is Moor Mud from Austria. A plethora of clinical studies later, scientists have agreed that Moor mud possesses a wide range of beneficial properties. So many so, that more holistic physicians now use and recommend Moor mud treatments such as wraps, poultices and baths.

This Austrian Moor is a rare form of nutrient rich peat created by the gradual decomposition of herbs, plants and flowers, which have been underground or submerged for thousands of years. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in perfect climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a ripening transformation process to produce a wondrous herbal therapeutic substance called Moor.

The mud’s properties are colloidal and in bivalent form, so they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the system.

Moor mud is highly detoxifying. The high level of humic acid and other humus substances enables the Moor to both draw out and absorb toxins trapped in the tissues. When we regularly remove toxins from our bodies, it enables us to stay healthy and keep our appearances youthful. Moor mud wraps or baths are often used to treat toxic exhausted bodies in Spas around the world.

It is anti-inflammatory. Moor mud has been found to calm and sooth inflamed tissues. When the mud is used as a poultice on inflamed joints, the inflammation calms, and the body is better able to heal itself

It contains lignin and bitumen, both of which contain high proportions of phenol substances making it highly antiseptic. The Moor mud is often used as a mask to draw out impurities and calm the inflamed acneic skin.

Micro Algae from the sea and fresh water have been used in so many natural products, and those not so natural for their hydrating and skin strengthening abilities. The purist and most active micro algae comes from Hawaiian fresh water lakes. This micro algae is a natural form of Hyaluronic acid. It helps draw moisture to itself thus helping to moisturize the skin. Micro algae is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin. One company has developed a product called HmA (Micro Algae Factor), which uses Hawaiian micro algae. It supplies the skin with all of the algae’s B vitamins.

Again, wonderful facial masks using this beautiful substance are a wonderful way to gain its benefits.

But in truth – how many of us have time to soak daily in a Moor mud bath to detoxify after a toxic day in the city? Or apply a facial mask nightly? I would so love to find the time to spend this much time on myself!

There is a way we can get the best of the Moor mud and the Micro algae daily in the easiest way possible. There is a wonderful little soap bar called Eumora. I was lucky enough to come across this product, thanks to a lovely gentleman called William sending me a box of them to try. I was very skeptical at first as to the benefits of using a soap as I have always been a cream cleansing girl, and the thought of using a soap block made totally out of Moor mud and micro algae, did not excite me all that much at first. And it was winter, it was cold and I need moisture, not removal of it! The block was also so small – how could this last longer than a week?

I was really surprised that when I used it that it did not strip my skin, it made it feel clean and really healthy. I excitedly gave away all of the sample blocks to girls I thought would love it. I and am now using the last bits of the soap I have left and actually feeling sorry that I was not a stingy scrooge and kept all of it for myself! Ha ha!!

I love the fact that it has lessened the amount of time I have to spend on my skin. It has simplified my skincare routine dramatically. I need less serum than I did before (although being a beauty therapist, I still use everything, just less of it!). When you use it on a pained area – leave it on for 3 minutes and it works as a poultice. Basically it is a cleanser, exfoliator, mask and health poultice all in one. I used it on my cellulite for a few days when I had time – I massaged it in, and stood out of the shower for 3 minutes and rinsed – very impressive decrease in lumpiness (that’s a technical term – not!)

The more research I do on Moor mud – the more excited I become about its health benefits, and I really love the little soaps – so easy to use and so incredibly effective. And all they contain is natural Moor mud and Micro algae, totally natural.

The little blocks of soaps are amazing for treating eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. They do not irritate, and because of the natural mineral content, and soothing anti-inflammatory ability, they actually heal the skin whilst you cleanse. Just leave the soap on the skin for up to 3 minutes each time you use it.

You can get one of these little miracle bars at I recommend you give it a go!

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