You should drink 8 glasses of water today! But do you know what you’re drinking?

It is really scary what we drink when we drink tap water. Research has found that the chemicals in tap water kill the healthy bacteria in the gut, this causes you to end up with a overgrowth of bad bacteria known as candida. My next blog is going to cover talk about candida and believe me, you will not be drinking tap water ever again if this article does not scare you enough!



If you’re on a high fibre diet (which you should be to remain healthy), you need lots of water! *Water believe it or not is an essential nutrient in any diet, but especially important in a fibre rich one that includes a lot of vegetables and whole grains in order to keep your digestive system working smoothly. Best of all, drinking water is the best way to reduce appetite. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you may just be thirsty. So when hunger pangs strike again, first try drinking a glass of H20!

Just one small point though on water, as an essential nutrient to your diet. I’m very fortunate because as I live on a property where we harvest our own rain water, so our water is 99.9% pure – if you live in the city or in regional centres your water can sometimes be of dubious quality…

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