Can you use Coconut oil as a natural sunscreen?

In the good old days, we used to slather ourselves in coconut oil, and then feeling cocoluscious, we would toast our bodies in the sun!

But we were not as dumb as we today are lead to believe.

Research has now found that extra virgin coconut oil has a natural sunscreen of 10 SPF.

This means that not only are you applying something natural with no chemicals on your face and body, you are treating your skin to a healthy dose of Omega’s, vitamins and minerals, which in turn  are absorbed into the skin and blood stream whilst your pores are open!

Plus, if you get burnt (heaven’s forbid) you are actually healing the skin at the same time.

Tell me which sunscreen does that?

You do need to be sensible about using coconut oil as a sunscreen, just as much as you need to be conscious using any sunscreen.

You need to reapply regularly just as you have to do with a chemical sunscreen, and you also have to remember, it is not a 15 SPF or 30 SPF, only a 10 SPF.

So many people yell and scream that it does not work – of course it will not work if you apply it at 9 am in the morning, go for a swim and do not apply it again!

You should not be in the sun without a hat and clothing to protect you as even chemical sunscreens do not protect you from UVA rays – read here about that.

So you have to be one dumb person to think that any sunscreen, even Zinc Oxide which does protect you from UVA rays, will give you enough protection all day without you reapplying it every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and keeping yourself in the shade as much as possible.

Unlike most sunscreens, coconut oil does protect you to some level from Infra Red Rays, which researchers have not found to be even more damaging that UV rays.

So, if you want a daily sunscreen which will not be toxic on your skin everyday, slather on a light coat of coconut oil, it will make your skin glow with health, if nothing else!

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