Beautiful Shoot at Jaspers Berry, the perfect venue for a Gatsby style wedding!

Getting married may be just another special day in our lives, but it is one of our major milestones.

I personally have always been someone who thinks that if you are going to spend a lot of money on your wedding it has to be something really memorable for your guests as well as yourself. If you do not care if your guests find the day memorable, as long you find it memorable, then get married on a romantic beach somewhere or with Elvis in Los Vegas, don’t put on a massive wedding!

I married my ex-husband aboard the Archille Lauro, a Italian cruise ship whilst it was docked for only 4 hours. The wedding was short and sweet, the guests were served cocktails for pre wedding drinks (not to be repeated in a hurry as they were all drunk by the time they sat down to dinner!) Delicious Italian food and an unbelievable wedding cake, then back to the Hilton hotel to their massive executive suite for more partying.

For years everyone spoke about my wedding day as it was something really memorable.

About to remarry again, I have had an elegant garden wedding planned, more of a party than a wedding mind you – the wedding is just a excuse for us to throw a massive cocktail party!

Jasper’s Berry has totally messed that idea up for me! I now want to have my wedding here!!


This place is just the most magical place I have ever been to. I feel as if I have walked back in time, to the 1920s. I feel as if I should be dressed in silk and cashmere, wearing pearls and diamonds.


My first foray onto the grounds was whilst Rosie was waving her magical wand and building it. I was blown away by what she had planned and could not wait to see the finished product.


I was lucky enough to be the makeup artist for the first bride to get married at Jaspers Berry, and work in the new bridal salon. Kate the bride dressed in the stunning dressing room, and a room it is! No small closet here!


I was at long last able to be able to look at the finished product, all I could say was wow, oh my God and wow!! Every little thing has been thought of. Delicate antique cutlery and crockery, mouth watering food, exquisite flower arrangements and bouquet for the bride are just some of the finishing touches we all adore.


I did not get to see all of it that time round, but when I came back to do the hair and makeup for the  shoot of the very beautiful Rowena Crofts with the talented Karen from Evocartiv photography & design, for Jaspers website, I had a chance to wander around properly.


The elegant lobby feels like you just stepped into Raffles hotel, it seeps elegance and luxury, but yet, unlike many five star hotels, it makes you feel relaxed, and ready to welcome all of your guests.


The sophisticated bar in the old school house leaves you feeling the same. Calm and serene, pampered and spoilt. You just need to have a glass of French champagne or a glass of a good single malt scotch on ice.


The beautiful Orangery is where you and your guests have dinner and can dance the night away whilst a gentle breeze floats in through the beautiful tall French doors.

It would help if I told you where this dream venue is! It is 5 minutes south of Berry, on the South Coast of NSW. It is the sister to the divine Terrara House Estate. If you have ever attended a wedding organised there by Rosie, and been blown away by the perfection of it all – she is also the owner of Jaspers, and excels here as well, with her work partner in crime Sue. These girls are just miracle workers!

Jaspers Berry’s website is still a work in progress, but they have a facebook page

The amazing photography was done by Karen from Evocartiv photography & design Karen also does the most beautiful boudoir photography, specialising in bridal boudoir – a perfect gift for him and yourself. I think this is a brilliant idea! You work so hard before your wedding getting your figure into perfect shape, and your skin and hair just luminous, it makes sense to have some divinely sensuous photos taken of you looking your most stunning. As you see from the gorgeous shot below of Rowena in the bridal salon on the bath, they are beautifully tasteful and sensual!


The stunning top and bottom  Rowena is wearing was made by bridal gown designer extraordinaire, Angela from Swish bridal design in Freshwater/Manly. Rowena’s stunning gown in actual fact was the one she wore for her own wedding at Terrara House and was also designed and made by Swish Love, love, love it!!

Having done two shoots there now; I am hoping desperately that Rosie wants more photos done! And am looking very much forward to my next wedding there, and the one after that and the one after that………but in so saying, I am loving the weddings I am doing at Terrara house now this place is also totally divine……….but I digress – will have to rave about this place another time!

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