Chlorella, why take this green stuff?

Chlorella is a microscopic freshwater plant/algae (Chlorella vulgaris) and is often referred to as one of nature’s ‘green superfoods’.

“It is one of the purist and most nutritionally dense foods to be found in nature to the point that, following the end of World War Two it became the subject of intensive research into it’s ability to become a viable food source for the millions of starving people around the globe. Consequently Chlorella became one of the most intensely researched of any food in the world.” (Synergy Natural)

This superfood has been consumed by the longest lived humans in the world, the Japanese for centuries.

It has a abundance of natural nutrients;

– 60% complete protein in free amino acid form (very easily digested)
– 2-7% chlorophyll (the highest of any known food) chlorophyll is very similar to haemoglobin in blood, the only difference is that it has a magnesium core not a iron core.
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– All of the B group vitamins
– Calcium (One tbsp of chlorella contains 320% of the recommended RDA)
– Iron (One tbsp. of chlorella contains 120% of the recommended RDA)
– Magnesium
– Potassium
– Zinc
– Iodine for the thyroid
– All of the trace minerals
– Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA – the last two are often mistakenly thought to only be found in fish and other seafaring animals)
– GLA and other “rare” fatty acids
– Beta-carotene
– Mucopolysaccharides
– Nucleic acids RNA and DNA (Sardines= 0.59% RNA, Chlorella=10% RNA!)
– Enzymes (chlorophyllase and pepsin, the latter helping you digest its high protein content.

Chlorella contains Chlorella Growth Factor which promotes extraordinary tissue growth and repair, they do not know exactly how, but the results speak for themselves.

It supports healthy digestion, and encourages the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

It also helps the liver to remove fatty deposits and repair itself.

It detoxes the system of heavy metals in our bodies, which we collect by doing day to day activities such as flying on a plane, eating fish, filling up our cars at a petrol station, received vaccinations, living in the suburbs, driving on freeways, especially getting stuck in smoggy tunnels, or undergoing, or gone through chemotherapy. The reason we need to remove these toxins is because heavy metal toxicity can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases and mental decline. The later two being dementia and alzheimers.

To simplify, here is the list of what it does;

– Strengthens the immune system, therefore preventing infections, preventing cancer, and increases white blood cell count.

– Slows or reverses the aging process

– Treats stomach ulcers, constipation and halitosis, because it supports the digestion, increases intestinal flora and increases peristalsis of the gut.

– Reduces high blood pressure

– Reduces high cholesterol

– Decreases fatigue due to its protein content and mineral and vitamin content

– Relieves PMS, and helps with all menopausal symptoms.

– Reduces the occurrence of asthma attacks

– And has helped some people with relief from the symptoms fibromyalgia

When purchasing a product, make sure that it has had the cell walls broken down naturally so that it is easily absorbed. If the cell walls are not broken down, we are unable to absorb the nutrients. Like all natural supplements, no harsh chemicals should be used in the process. It also needs to be packed and sealed specifically to keep its nutrient content.

You can purchase Chlorella in powder form or tablet form. If you are a smoothie drinker, you can add the powder to your morning smoothie. If you are not, I recommend the tablets.

Always start on the lowest dose, the more toxic you are the more likely you will suffer from detoxing side effects. This includes nausea and bowel issues. As your body settles increase the dose. If your response is really unpleasant, decrease the dose, and then increase it as your body can handle it.

Ideally take the tablets away from meal times. I take ½ my dose after breakfast or before breakfast with my other tablets, and the other ½ just before bed.

Even better – mix your Chlorella in with your organic green alkaline drink which should contain goodies such as silverbeet, broccoli and kale along with a apple to assist with the flavour and fibre and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

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