A cure for eczema, I have one!

For years I battled side by side with my clients supporting them through bad doses of eczema, trying out different creams, mine, and other companies, or prescription.

Standing by them whilst they took different tablets, natural or prescribed. Biting my tongue when they told me that the dermatologist told them that this was all that they can do and to use……..

And then I did it – I made a promise to one of my clients that come hell or high water we would cure her of her misery, but I needed her to do exactly what I asked of her, and keep an open communication channel with me so we could together work towards a cure.

We did it, we cured it, she maintains the skincare routine and takes the supplements, and has not had a flare up since. Two other clients with Acne Rosacea gave the cure a go, and to my joy, have had equal success!

Although both skin disorders are totally different from one another, the cause for Acne Rosacea not even really known, but by strengthening up the skins immune system as well as our bodies, the skin is able to repair itself.

I am as yet to try the following system on psoriasis, as the program is about building up the skin’s immune system (of course also the body’s) and as Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, I have great faith I will have wonderful results as well.

A few months ago I had a beautiful bride to be, present herself with the worst eczema and skin I have ever seen.

Her beautiful face was just covered in eczema, and her lower face and neck were covered in horrible sores that would just not heal. I was desperate to help her, as she was a beautiful looking girl with an equally gorgeous personality.

She followed my instructions to the letter, which at one stage had her feeling nauseous and incredibly unwell as her body detoxed, but she stayed with me, and by her wedding day six weeks later, I had to stop myself from crying with joy as her skin was so beautiful it took my breath away. I had never seen a bride look so luminescent, with such beautiful skin.

My beautiful bride had to take the hard option as we only had a short period of time to turn her skin around, but I have changed the program since then to improve the skin, but take away the trauma. I will also write down what I recommended for the six-week cure for those who cannot wait!!

Step 1.

Try to out what causes the flare up, once you know the cause, be it food or stress, or environmental you can work towards either removing the cause or managing it (e.g. Stress cannot be removed but managed through using relaxation techniques, calming elixirs etc.) The reason I said try, is because sometimes there seems to be no pattern at all, and it may take a lot of deduction to work it out, through eliminating all of the likely causes, and sometimes there is no obvious trigger as such, or there are multiple triggers, some worse than others.

There will be a trigger – it is just finding out what it is.

Step 2.

Drink 2 liters or more of purified water a day – ideally with a few pieces of lemon in it. The reason you need to drink purified water is that tap water is so full of chemicals, it kills all of the good bacteria in your gut.

Step 3.

Remove as many chemicals from your life as possible. Replace your household chemical cleaners with natural cleaners, they work just as well. If you find that your clothes and sheets are a cause of trauma, change your laundry detergent to a natural one, not a fragrance free one, a natural one.

One of my clients cleans her whole house with bicarb of soda and vinegar, she is not a Hippy, and one of the cleanest women I know!

If you work in an environment surrounded by chemicals, try to avoid those as much as possible.

Step 4.

Change all of your skincare to natural skincare, preferably fragrance-free. Even essential oils can inflame your skin.

Do not use sorbolene based products, just 100% natural products. A bridesmaid at one of my weddings lived in London and found it hard to source my recommended products, so we switched her to cleansing with coconut oil, and moisturizing with same mixed with Aloe Gel. She said that within 3 weeks her skin was soft and supple, her makeup went on smoothly and her partner kept touching her face, as he could not get over how beautiful it looked and felt.

Three months later she now uses a lovely natural skincare range with essential oils and other good things in it and stays on the internal support.

Flaxseed oil is full of Omega’s and fatty acids and is also a beautiful natural oil to use on the face as it calms inflammation and balances the acid mantle. So if coconut oil is too ‘coconut’ or solid to use, flaxseed is a beautiful option. You can also add your choice of essential oils to it as a treatment. I mix organic olive oil, organic flaxseed

I mix organic olive oil, organic flaxseed oil and organic coconut oil together with suitable essential oils for the client’s skin type as a facial massage oil. My clients love how their skins feel and how amazing their skins look. The mix is just fantastic for improving the skin’s health and can be used on all skin types without causing any congestion, or not being hydrating enough.

Step 5.

Drink at least 2 liters of purified water a day, cut coffee and tea down to one or two cups per day (not each). Herbal tea such as peppermint tea is an excellent option. The peppermint tea is soothing to the stomach and intestinal tract, so I personally like it, as I find a lot of eczema is caused due to an unhappy digestive system. Another beautiful tea for the skin is Edible Beauty’s skin tea called Golden Glow. It contains skin support herbs which detoxify the blood, balance hormones and nourish the skin. (Use the code Yvette15 – to receive 15% off and a free gift!)

Keep alcohol to a minimum, if you must have a glass or two at night, try to drink a good red wine.

Step 6.

Eat a diet high in vegetables – 60% of every meal should contain vegetables (breakfast it can be fresh fruit, not dried).

Avoid all processed foods and foods containing sugar, dairy, and gluten. Processed foods often contain sugars and fillers plus ingredients containing numbers which are potentially inflammatory for eczema. I know the above is hard to do – but just do your best – do not stress about it as this could cause more issues!

Eat enzymatic foods such as Kefir, Kombucha and sauerkraut. Sauerkraut in a jar from the supermarket, unfortunately, is not enzymatic anymore as it is dead – due to the heat from the bottling process. Fresh pickles are good – just make sure they are not loaded with sugar – if clever in the kitchen – make your own!

Step 7.

Weeks 1 -4

  • Buy a good Chlorophyll; drink the highest recommended dose daily. The Chlorophyll turns the body alkaline. The molecular structure is almost identical to hemoglobin except for the center atom, which is magnesium instead. It is full of minerals, antioxidants and is wound healing. It also rebuilds the immune system.
  • Take six organic flaxseed oil tablets daily – 3 morning, 3 night. Flaxseed oil is full of Omega’s 3,6,9 and Essential Fatty Acids. It provides 50% more Omega 3 than you can get from taking fish oil. It is also full of B vitamins and other minerals. I recommend it for all women, it is one of the most important health promoting superfoods we can take.
  • A daily probiotic is also a must, I personally recommend you take it at the same time you take your Chlorella as it is a Prebiotic and will help the Probiotics reach your gut without being burned up by the digestive juices. Probiotics are essential to basic human nutrition. They are live organisms found in the human gut. Probiotics form a bioreactor that facilitates digestion, provides nutrients and supports the immune system. When we consume too many processed foods, coffee, and alcohol, as well as drinking chlorinated water from the tap, we kill off these important bacteria.

Once you have been on this program for 4 weeks if you have any chlorophyll left, just keep taking it and or replace it with Chlorella.

Chlorella is high in protein, high in chlorophyll, antioxidants, essential amino acids, fatty acids, key vitamins, macro and trace elements. It also causes peristalsis of the bowel and supports the microflora in the gut. But most importantly it contains a compound called ‘Chlorella Growth Factor’ which has been shown in research to promote normal cell growth, this of course affecting the skin. It has also been shown to be highly anti-aging! It also detoxifies the liver and rebuilds it.

But I have found that when I start people off on Chlorella the first week, even at the lowest dose, they often feel ill as it is incredibly detoxing. But if you do not care about feeling seedy for a week, I recommend you start on this the first week.

If eczema or rosacea flares up around “that time of the month” the above is a great start to getting the flare ups under control. If you still have problems, you may need to go on a herbal blend to balance out your hormones as well, but give the ‘cure’ at least a go for two to three cycles before going there as often the chlorella detoxes the liver, and intestines of excess hormones and the body is able to sort itself out all by itself.

The list of supplements are in actual fact a great way to treat acne, aging, and a sluggish system. To really kick-start the body for a healthier body all round, add a good liver tablet and go on a liver detox for a few weeks!

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  1. Selene Chavez

    We have been using foderma serum for the last 1.5 years and it really helps with the severe eczema problems caused by food allergies. We tested about 5 different creams, and foderma has helped most (we apply twice a day) – but you should also try different products as they all have different components.


    1. ethixbeauty

      Hello! I would not recommend giving Chlorella to a 2-year-old. I would recommend Chlorella instead, most say to take 10 mls, maybe only have 2.5 at first, then try 5 MLS. The only side effect will be that your little one may get a little bit of a runny active bowel which will be green when it comes out. If this happens lessen the amount. Chlorophyll comes in liquid form, get one with a berry or minty flavour and put it in 500 MLS of water. Let your little one drink this throughout the day. I recommend you try iherb online or go to a good health food shop. Hope this helps!?


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