Argiletz Active French Clays

Argiletz Active Clays are pure, vegan, cruelty-free, natural products,  rich in minerals, that have the ability to repair damaged tissues whilst at the same time working in synergy to cleanse, tone and revitalize your skin and body.

Imported from Argiletz, France, these unique, sun-dried Clays are extracted under exacting conditions to ensure that their active mineral content is retained.

There is a  range of 5 Clays – Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, and White, which vary principally due to the Clay’s origins. The depth at which Active Clays are extracted affects their active mineral content, colour, and use.

Green Clay
Green Clay is the most absorbing of the clays as it is able to draw out toxins. It is generally used for face masks in cases of acneic, oily and neglected skin. It is also frequently used for cellulite treatment.

Applied as a face or body mask, green clay cleanses, exfoliates, smoothes and softens the skin. Green clay is ideal for poultices to relieve and soothe a variety of skin conditions as it is healing, a detergent, antiseptic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and antalgic.

White Clay
White clay is comparable to green clay in structure, but it is not as rich, so it is more suitable for young and sensitive or mature and delicate skins.

White clay is an excellent body deodorant and a natural alternative to talcum powder.

White clay can be used as a hair pack by mixing it with water prior to shampooing – it is excellent for treating flaky scalp disorders as well as greasy hair problems.

Pink Clay
Pink clay is the clay of choice at the moment – every young Instagrammer and YouTuber are popping this clay on their faces out of a premixed tub.

The softening effect of Pink Clay refines the skin’s texture while toning epidermis. It disinfects and heals the skin whilst it is also perfect for fragile dehydrated and or sensitive skin.

It is the ultimate antiaging mask as it is incredibly firming and works even very well on the bust, thighs, stomach and upper arms.

Red Clay
An oily, mildly absorbent clay. Red clay is preferred for face and body masks in cases of dry, sensitive or couperosed skin.  It is excellent for puffy under eyes and is also muscle toning. Red Clay has high iron oxide content which enhances the skin’s condition and appearance.

Yellow Clay
Yellow Clay is generally used in cases where the condition of the skin and body needs revitalizing.  It is perfect for sun-damaged skin. Yellow Clay is recommended for most skin types to restore tired and neglected skin.

How to use clay masks.

You can buy premixed clay masks in ready-made jars – but the one concern I have is that most of these jars are plastic. Clay is highly absorbent – so will it draw out the toxins from the plastic jars into itself? Will this affect the effectiveness of the mask – or worse – effect your skin?

No one knows the answer to this as yet – so I recommend you buy the masks in powder form and using bottled or filtered water – mix them up for yourself. The best part is – this way you can mix up two or three different clays and use them at the same time for greater results.

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