Ethix Beauty Therapy Services

As a part of Ethix Makeup Beauty and Styling, Yvette Van Schie also offers beauty therapy services as a facialist. Yvette is highly respected in the beauty industry and writes for the leading industry magazine Professional Beauty. She worked for many years as a trainer, designing facials and helping develop skincare products, and left the corporate side to work for herself as a facialist  at her cottage in Wildes Meadow, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. 
Yvette is passionate about beauty, her greatest joy is to get amazing results for her clients, she often gets nearly as excited (sometimes more) when her clients see instant  results, which is why she chose to specialise in facials only, and chose to go chemical free.
Yvette’s  peels are effective with no nasty fillers or irritants. Yvette uses effective and intensive, yet gentle enzyme peels instead of aggressive peels to deeply exfoliate the skin leaving it glowing without any downtime.

Yvette offers many different facial treatments. But her  two favourite facials are;

Light Therapy Facial

The light therapy facial is a two hour procedure and is recommend  to anyone who really wants to turn their skins around. Also highly recommended for anyone under the age of 37 who wants their skins to be strong and healthy.

Several types of light are used in light therapy facials. Light therapy facials are used to maintain the health of skin and to correct certain facial conditions. 
  • Red light re-engergises the tissues, strengthening collagen and elastin
  • Orange light tones and revitalises the skin creating a lifting effect
  • Yellow warms and energises the skin and drains the lymphatics removing waste from the skin
  • Green balances and rejuvenates
  • Blue aids acne, is healing , cooling and soothing
  • Indigo is cooling calming and aids allergic skin as well as calming down broken capillaries, eczema and psoriasis
  • Violet is a balm for the skin and aids all skin problems caused due to emotional stress eg. Rosacea

Light therapy involves exposing the skin to various wavelengths of light to heal certain skin conditions and improve the overall condition and hydration of the complexion, achieving amazing results in the skin, including accelerated wound healing, deep cell stimulation and a significant reduction in bacteria.

The Light Therapy Facial is perfect for all skins of all ages who suffer from acne, couprose, sensitive, rosacea, eczema, irritated deeply, dehydrated or just skins which do not look their very best. Ethix’s specialised equipment targets these specific areas, working on the areas to most suit your needs.

This is also combined with deep cleansing, masks and peels. Which makes this facial not only a facial with results, but ensures complete and utter indulgence throughout your treatment.
The Ultimate Facial
The Ultimate is a two and a half hour procedure and is considered the be all facial for those who are prematurely aged or for those over Thirty-seven years of age.
This facial contains the same elements of the Light Therapy Facial. However, also incorporated into this is 1/2 hour of the non surgical facelift machine.
The Facelift machine uses a low frequency micro-current to increase the skin’s cell regeneration and metabolism leaving a younger, healthier looking skin  while lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and lifting and strengthening the facial muscles. It is virtually subsensory, therefore the client feels very little if anything at all.
Bookings are essential. If you are interested in any of these services, please phone Yvette on 0411 541 211

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