Dodgy Deals and Botched Beauty

So you are thinking of having Botox?
I was reading an interesting article written by  Dr Peter Bakaric in Professional Beauty Magazine, the leading beauty industry magazine. He is a leading cosmetic surgeon with the highest morals and ethics, and although I am not into inject-ables, I respect this man for his integrity, his knowledge and professionalism. His article is called Dodgy Deals and Botched Beauty
I have taken some of the article and cut and pasted it and parts are in my own words. I would like to share a shorter version of what Dr Bakaric had to say.
“There have always been and always will be dodgy cosmetic practitioners, non-doctor practitioners, unsafe products and botched procedures. Nothing will ever change this.”…..” But when you think that the cosmetic products and local 
Anaesthetics being administered are often schedule 4 drugs under the poisons act, with multiple side effects and complications”, why would you trust anyone else bar a doctor to inject Botulinum Toxin known as Botox into your skin.
“It does seem, however, in the current tougher economic climate, people are more susceptible to the cheapest deals and shonky operators in an attempt to balance the household budget with the desire to look refreshed.
More than ever, the unsuspecting public needs to be vigilant and fully informed in seeking out the credentials of the practitioner together with a full and satisfactory explanation of the costs and risks associated with any procedure.”
“Most practitioners operate in as safe and responsible manner and use registered products and machinery and charge fairly and reasonably.”
How to weed out the unscrupulous practitioners and practices?
1. “In Australia it is mandatory to have a face to face consultation with a doctor, not by Skype, or by a non doctor  for dermal fillers, botulinum toxin or surgery is illegal in this country.”
2. “Who is the doctor? How long have they been practicing and what is their level of experience?”
3. “It is often a good idea to seek a second opinion and not be rushed into making a hasty on the spot decision”
4. “Avoid a chain clinic situation, these are often staffed by non-doctor practitioners”
5. “Avoid Botox parties, these are discouraged by each of the professional bodies and by reputable doctors”
6.” If Botulinum is being offered at a third or half the price of the regular price, then questions need to be raised. How is this possible? Perhaps diluting the products using a non approved cheaper imitation or maybe up-selling the other products to recoup the real cost of the product-it all happens.”

There have already been deaths from the application of topical medical grate local anaesthetic prior to IPL hair removal procedure and there have been two recent deaths from the application of a chemical face peel.


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