Can a Ancient Practice help chronic pain?


Exercise is one of the most important strategies for improving your health. It is also something that can be added to almost any lifestyle, at any age, because there are so many different ways to get your exercise each day. … Continue reading

Moisturise that oily skin!


With summer on its way, I know that I will find myself constantly repeating over and over again. “Oil is not water, your skin needs moisture even if it is oily, oil and moisture are two different things, so even if … Continue reading

Did you know, that many gluten free foods are loaded with sugar?


Besides Gluten giving foods their lovely texture, it is a addictive substance, which is why it is popped into everything we eat. When it is put into a muesli bar, it makes you want to eat more than one – … Continue reading

So you want to look younger, but do not want a facelift?


Picture copywrite I actually cannot blame you for not wanting a facelift  – I would not have one – it frequently does not make you look much younger unless done exceptionally well – just weird mostly – especially if you … Continue reading

Ethereal Bridal Beauty Shoot


I had the opportunity to do a beautiful shoot with Daniel Cartwright from No Limit Pictures, using a gorgeous dress from Twisting Vintage and Emma Fernandez did the stunning flowers from Flowers By Emma in the Southern Highlands. I have … Continue reading

The Gluten Debate

Set of grunge rubber stamps  with  the text gluten free written inside, vector illustration

Poor old gluten, it seems to be under attack! Is it just another health fad, a health crisis, or is it a food crisis? It depends on whose point of view you look at. But it does not matter who … Continue reading

Best ever home made anti cellulite coffee scrub that works!


Ok, which woman does not suffer from cellulite in one spot or another of her body? And as we age, and our skin looses elasticity, cellulite becomes our best friend – well not really, but it is with us all … Continue reading

Retro Vintage photo shoot


I had a wonderful time with amazing photographer Daniel Cartwright from No Limit Pictures doing this fantastic photo shoot. We really wanted a vintage car as we were photographing beautiful models Tayla Monkhouse from Platform Models and Ericka Carrera in some of … Continue reading