Did you know that caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours!?


In today’s society, sleep disorders have reached epidemic proportions, and one of the culprits is caffeine. Enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or work colleague, or grabbing another cup in the afternoon to get you through the load of work you … Continue reading

The one day cleanse


This is a marvellous easy to do cleanse, you are full all day, and you can do it for one day, once per week, or two days per week. I did this cleanse two days per week for two weeks … Continue reading

Probiotic, Prebiotic – please explain!?


Two of todays health buzz words are Probiotics and Prebiotics – but what are they? Why do you need them? And in what way do they differ? The digestive system is basically the work horse of the body. Everybody knows … Continue reading

Surviving Christmas Cheer!


  So many of us,  are feeling slightly……….well………..just not right. Yes, its Christmas time again!  The time of year when we try to fit in parties, Christmas shopping and those work deadlines! Keeping upright when you are feeling a touch … Continue reading

Cleanse your face for better skin!


  Cleansing, we all know we should do it, but so often we do as little as possible, as quickly as possible, or we go to bed wearing makeup, or we cheat and use facial wipes. This simple and un-respected … Continue reading

Wash your hair shiny and healthy!


A blog about washing your hair? You have got to be crazy! But please read on – as a hair and makeup artist, I cannot begin to tell you how many people who think they wash their hair well, in … Continue reading

Can a Ancient Practice help chronic pain?


Exercise is one of the most important strategies for improving your health. It is also something that can be added to almost any lifestyle, at any age, because there are so many different ways to get your exercise each day. … Continue reading