You should drink 8 glasses of water today! But do you know what you’re drinking?


It is really scary what we drink when we drink tap water. Research has found that the chemicals in tap water kill the healthy bacteria in the gut, this causes you to end up with a overgrowth of bad bacteria known as candida. My next blog is going to cover talk about candida and believe me, you will not be drinking tap water ever again if this article does not scare you enough!

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If you’re on a high fibre diet (which you should be to remain healthy), you need lots of water! *Water believe it or not is an essential nutrient in any diet, but especially important in a fibre rich one that includes a lot of vegetables and whole grains in order to keep your digestive system working smoothly. Best of all, drinking water is the best way to reduce appetite. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you may just be thirsty. So when hunger pangs strike again, first try drinking a glass of H20!

Just one small point though on water, as an essential nutrient to your diet. I’m very fortunate because as I live on a property where we harvest our own rain water, so our water is 99.9% pure – if you live in the city or in regional centres your water can sometimes be of dubious quality…

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Hands up who knows what Kefir is? Is it a gift from the Gods?

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Kefirkefīrskeefir, or kephir (/ka’fiar/ka-feer), alternatively kewratalaimudu kekiyamilk kefir, or búlgaros, is a fermented milk drink made with kefir “grains” (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter) and has its origins in the north Caucasus Mountains around 3,000 BC. It is prepared by inoculating cow, goat or sheep milk with kefir grains. Traditional kefir was made in skin bags that were hung near a doorway; the bag would be knocked by anyone passing through the doorway to help keep the milk and kefir grains well mixed.

This short insight to Kefir is a precursor to a series of articles in the next few issues of the 1910 Lifestyle Magazine on fermented Probiotics. Why not check out the latest issue of the latest 1910 Lifestyle Magazine - Jan 2014 issue out now at

I use Kefir for Sauerkraut fermentation and pickling – it’s delicious! Marco Polo also…

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The GREAT news about salt, it IS good for you, well NATURAL SALT is anyway!

We are all told not to eat salt, because it has a direct effect on your blood pressure. It causes you to store water, causing you to put strain on your kidneys. It is also linked to dementia, heart attacks and stroke.

But the truth of the matter is, salt in its true form is VERY good for you. NOT the unnatural form of salt that we know as table salt, or the one we find in most processed foods.

But REAL natural sea or Himalayan salt is essential for all of our cellular functions. Not whitened sea salt, or anything which is refined or bleached, which is what we generally find in the supermarket.

Real unrefined high mineral salt is pinkish or greyish in colour and the sea salt variety is very moist, not dry and smooth flowing as the normal salt we use. Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt is full of important minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper etc. It’s a natural source of 21 essential minerals and many more elements. This makes natural mineral salt much better for you than regular “table” salt. We need salt (real salt) to make hydrochloric acid, which helps you digest proteins.

Linus Pauling, Ph.D. (Two time Nobel Prize Winner)once said: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”

Your body can not make minerals therefore it’s important to get your mineral needs met in some other way. We need to be taking minerals in a form that our body can use or assimilate. Unfortunately taking minerals in a vitamin tablet, according to the research, is quite useless. Our body not only has to produce excessive amounts of acid to break down the pill, the minerals cannot be absorbed into the body unless they are in a liquid form. Using natural salt is just one tool to help you meet this need. Natural salt also raises your body’s pH making the body more alkaline, but this is another blog (next week!)

The known benefits and use of natural salt have been around for thousands of years and many cultures of the past have viewed it as a very precious commodity…as precious and as valuable as money itself. The Himilayans still to this day mine the salt by hand in the Himalayan mountains, which they used to transport for miles to trade for other goods. Salt was used for preserving foods before refrigeration.

Here are some of the more vital functions of salt in the body taken from Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, “Water: Rx for a Healthier Pain-Free Life”.

1. Salt is most effective in stabilizing irregular heartbeats and, contrary to the misconception that it causes high blood pressure, it is actually essential for the regulation of blood pressure – in conjunction with water. Naturally the proportions are critical.

2. Salt is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.

3. Salt is vital for balancing the sugar levels in the blood; a needed element in diabetics.

4. Salt is vital for the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in the body. It is used for local power generation at the sites of energy need by the cells.

5. Salt is vital to the nerve cells’ communication and information processing all the time that the brain cells work, from the moment of conception to death.

6. Salt is vital for absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract.

7. Salt is vital for the clearance of the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.

8. Salt is vital for clearing up catarrh and congestion of the sinuses.

9. Salt is a strong natural antihistamine.

10. Salt is essential for the prevention of muscle cramps.

11. Salt is vital to prevent excess saliva production to the point that it flows out of the mouth during sleep. Needing to constantly mop up excess saliva indicates salt shortage.

12. Salt is absolutely vital to making the structure of bones firm. Osteoporosis, in a major way, is a result of salt and water shortage in the body.

13. Salt is vital for sleep regulation. It is a natural hypnotic.

14. Salt is a vitally needed element in the treatment of diabetics.

15. Salt on the tongue will stop persistent dry coughs.

16. Salt is vital for the prevention of gout and gouty arthritis.

17. Salt is vital for maintaining sexuality and libido.

18. Salt is vital for preventing varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.

19. Salt is vital to the communication and information processing nerve cells the entire time that the brain cells work – from the moment of conception to death.

20. Salt is vital for reducing a double chin. When the body is short of salt, it means the body really is short of water. The salivary glands sense the salt shortage and are obliged to produce more saliva to lubricate the act of chewing and swallowing and also to supply the stomach with water that it needs for breaking down foods. Circulation to the salivary glands increases and the blood vessels become “leaky” in order to supply the glands with water to manufacture saliva. The “leakiness” spills beyond the area of the glands themselves, causing increased bulk under the skin of the chin, the cheeks and into the neck.

21. Sea salt contains about 80 mineral elements that the body needs. Some of these elements are needed in trace amounts. Unrefined sea salt is a better choice of salt than other types of salt on the market. Ordinary table salt that is bought in the super markets has been stripped of its companion elements and contains additive elements such as aluminium silicate to keep it powdery and porous. Aluminium is a very toxic element in our nervous system. It is implicated as one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

22. Twenty-seven percent of the body’s salt is in the bones. Osteoporosis results when the body needs more salt and takes it from the body. Bones are twenty-two percent water. Is it not obvious what happens to the bones when we’re deficient in salt or water or both.

So bring on yummy salt – I personally love the taste of Himalayan Natural Pink Rock salt, you need to grind this in a grinder.


Coconut oil as a sunscreen? We weren’t as daft as we thought!

Yes, in the good old days we used to slather ourselves in  coconut oil, and then feeling cocoluscious, we would toast our bodies in the sun!

But we were not as dumb as we thought! Research has now found that extra virgin coconut oil has a natural sunscreen of 10 SPF.

This means that not only are you applying something natural with no chemicals on your face and body, you are treating your skin to a healthy dose of Omega’s, vitamins and minerals, which in turn  are absorbed into the skin and blood stream whilst your pores are open!

Plus, if you get burnt (heaven’s forbid) you are actually healing the skin at the same time.

Tell me which sunscreen does that?

High weigh to hell, the impact of crash dieting

Most of us have been there at one time or another, or on many occasions, where we look in the mirror and see what we have tried not to acknowledge, or accept, we are carrying too much weight and in all the wrong places.

This moment of “oh dear” usually occurs before we need to wear something special for a special occasion or don our swimmers. It usually happens a very short time before D Day and we panic! We stop eating, or go on a slimming detox drink, or only drink slimming shakes, or eat soup for a week or two.

Great, we have lost all of that weight in two weeks flat! Wow! I can fit into that dress, or squeeze into that swimsuit.

Yup, you can do all of that, but there are severe consequences.

Firstly, I would like to explain the difference between a detox and a crash diet. A detox goes for 2 – 3 days, a crash diet goes for a week or longer.

Fasting two days per week, not consecutively, but approximately two days apart has proven to be highly beneficial for your health. It is believed now that fasting, for women 500 calories per day and men 600 calories per day, can help stabilize hormones, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, as well as helping you slowly but steadily loose weight from hard to loose areas of the body.

You do not need to do it by living on juice or vegetables alone, you can eat proteins, which are very important for lean muscle mass, and small amounts of carbohydrates, as long as you stay below your calorie limit. You can even have a cup of coffee or tea as part of your calorie intake. But sugar is out!

The idea of the two day weekly detox is to remove waste from the body and replace it with good nutrients. It is also beneficial that by eating less for two days per week on the digestive system, it takes some pressure off the body.

Going on a crash diet causes the body to become nutritionally deprived, and this is going to cause you to have health issues. Not only do crash diets impact on your long term health, but they also effect how well your brain functions on a daily basis.

Your body needs a certain amount of energy to function daily. It requires energy to keep your lungs breathing to bring oxygen to your tissues, to keep your heart beating for blood to flow all through the body, and brain functioning directing the central nervous system to do the jobs it requires.

So that when you reduce your calorie intake to a point which is so low that there is not enough energy being provided to your body to carry out these basic life functions, you are not going to be able to function as well as you should, because basically your body is fighting for its life!

A crash diet is forcing your body into starvation, and your body does not like this, so it is going to fight back, and fight back hard!

It will slow down your basal metabolic rate. This is the rate your body is going to burn calories daily to keep your body alive, doing the basic functions we discussed before.When you go on a crash diet, you are reducing your calories so that you are not supplying your body with enough calories to keep you basal metabolic rate functioning to sustain life.

So your body now will start emergency proceedings in order to keep you alive. It will slow your resting metabolic rate so that you are conserving as much fuel as you can. For example if you normally burn off 1500 calories per day to keep all of your basic functions working, your body would drop it down to 1100 to reduce the threat to its survival.

You will notice that your fat loss will come to a halt and you will reach a plateau, your body will not loose anymore weight as your metabolic rate is functioning at a slower rate. I have noticed with my crash dieting clients, that incredibly efficient smart women become forgetful, disorganized and cannot cope with things they used to. For the normally scatterbrained, I find that I often start wondering if they have dementia (especially my older clients) for there is no consistency in anything they do, their brains just do not function well at all!

This is why crash diets produce fast results at first, and then none at all. This is because the body takes a while to notice what is going on, once it does, it puts all systems in to stop your efforts.

The bad news is that once the metabolic rate slows down, it will stay slow for quite some time. So now you return to eating normally, but your metabolism is still working slowly and your start gaining extra body fat quickly.

So first you see your scales go down two kilos, but then you gain three once you start living normally again. Next thing you know, you are not only back to square one, you are worse off then before you started!

But this is just the least of your problems.

When you are constantly consuming less calories than your body needs to survive, you will end up with nutritional deficiencies.

You will start to fall short on iron, which helps you maintain physical performance, calcium needed for strong bones, and many other bodily functions. B group vitamins needed for healthy metabolism, heart health and stress control etc. Magnesium for brain function, and shall I go on? Get the idea?

Simply, to loose weight quickly, you are putting yourself at risk of serious health issues in the long run. Imagine what you are doing to yourself when you do regular crash diets………. Or go on one for two or three weeks, or longer. If you go for longer, you are likely to end up with a calorie deficit as well.

So you think – that’s the idea is it not?

The body gets nutrients from food, if you are not getting food, where are you getting the nutrients from? Nowhere! Even if you take a multivitamin, it is not going to replace the fiber you get from real foods, and the moisture, as well as all of the nutrients you get from real food which you cannot get from multivitamins. Even if you consume superfoods which will give you vitamins, minerals and omegas, they still do not replace all of the proteins and fiber. There is also one problem, you cannot absorb enough calcium from supplements as you can from food.

This brings you to the next problem you are faced with.

Loss of bone mass. If you are young, you will think this is not something you should worry about as it will not effect you. It will as you get older. What you do in your youth shows up as you age. So the damage you do to your bone mass during your 20s, 30s and 40s will show up during your 50s and 60s. If you are dieting at 50 or 60 or older, your body is less effective at absorbing calcium, so when you loose calcium whilst dieting, you increase you calcium deficiency.

When you are on a crash diet, you are not getting enough calcium, which is going to put a lot of stress on your bones, especially if you are exercising to support your diet.

Calcium plays an important role in keeping your vital organs strong as well as your bones. It is needed to keep your heart beating, your brain functioning, and your muscles contracting. It is needed for every function in your body.

As your blood calcium levels start to drop it will tap into your primary source of calcium reserves to supply your vital organs with enough calcium to maintain life function. This primary reserve is your bone mass. And we know the side effects of that.

When you crash diet, you also loose lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat does.

When you are on a low calorie diet and not bringing in enough calories or protein to cover all of your basic needs, the body will use the protein you need to build muscle mass and produce hormones etc, for basic survival functions.

Then when it does not get enough protein which is the case in most low calorie diets, it will start to dip into your lean body tissues to access the amino acids you need to keep yourself alive. Now the truth is, if you are overweight, you are already lacking muscle mass, and have excess fat, otherwise you would not be overweight!

Now that you are burning up muscle mass, you are lowering your metabolic rate even further. This is why men burn more fat than women, they have more muscle mass, whilst women have more fat mass.

This means you are now in serious trouble. You are now not only lowering your metabolic rate due to being on a crash diet, you are loosing lean muscle mass as well.

When you start eating normally again, slowly and steadily your metabolism will restore itself, but your muscle mass will not, it is gone permanently forever. Unless you work at rebuilding it again through weight bearing exercise, you will continue to have a very slow metabolism.

This also is a problem if you have cellulite. The reason you had it in the first place is because you had such a small amount of muscle mass. Now you will notice even more cellulite because you have even less muscle mass.

Maintaining muscle mass is the most important part of a weight loss plan, if you are not eating enough protein, you will not maintain your weight loss.

This all leads to an increase of injury development. With a decrease in bone density and muscle mass, you will find that you will become injured more often than you used to.

You will find an increase in joint pain as well as your tendons and ligaments surrounding your joints becoming weaker and weaker. You will often find yourself suffering from neck and back pain. Hip and knee problems.

With enough tissue damage without recovery, serious injuries can occur such as overuse injuries or muscle pulls and strains, which can take weeks if not months to overcome.

So you say, I am young and do not have aches and pains. How is your focus? How is your concentration?

Anyone who has been on a long term fast or crash diet will have noticed that they often become forgetful and disorganized.

If your brain is not receiving enough nutrients, it will start to run on ketones as a fuel source which often leaves people feeling light headed and fuzzy. Your brain like all other organs in the body needs a constant stream of nutrients to function normally.

Low carbohydrate diets will impact your mood as well. Carbohydrates increase the serotonin in the body that gives us that feel good state. This could be why you wish to bite everyone’s heads off!

Another downside, is lack of physical performance. If you like to exercise, you will find that not only the quality of your performance suffers, but when you are exercising, without the correct nutrients, you are accelerating the process of bone loss and muscle loss.

Last but not least, the ugliest part of a crash diet is bad breath. Your body usually becomes acid instead of alkaline, and your breath becomes fetid. Low carb diets are frequently the cause of this due to the body burning ketones. Another cause is lack of vegetables and fruit, causing the body to become acid, not alkaline. Also, often lack of water consumption can be the cause if you are loosing weight fast, but not flushing the toxins out.

So now that you are totally freaked out over crash dieting, you need to know what compromises as a crash diet.

  1. A diet with a low calorie count of less than 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men.
  2. A diet with insufficient protein. A good diet should provide a well- balanced amount of protein. If you are eating protein with every meal and snack, you are receiving enough protein every day.
  3. Any diets omitting any food group from the diet. Eg. Low carbohydrate diets. You need to eat fresh vegetables every day, and have 15% of your daily food intake made up of healthy fats.
  4. Any diet that promises rapid results.

If you are wondering then how you can get into that dress or swimsuit in a short period of time, whilst maintaining muscle mass, therefore not covered in even more cellulite than before, just get back to the basics.  Firstly start weight bearing exercises, to build muscle mass and burn fat. Two days per week follow a detox program, preferably drinking nutritionally high detox drinks (on these two days do not exercise). You will find that you will loose that weight and gain health. I have seen a few people have great weight loss success over a very short period of time.

But beyond that. Live a healthy life. Be more concerned with eating for your health, and exercising for your health, than worrying about weight. Love your body, because if you do not love it, nourish it, take good care of it, it will not love you back.

Beautiful Shoot at Jaspers Berry, the perfect venue for a Gatsby style wedding!

Getting married may be just another special day in our lives, but it is one of our major milestones.

I personally have always been someone who thinks that if you are going to spend a lot of money on your wedding it has to be something really memorable for your guests as well as yourself. If you do not care if your guests find the day memorable, as long you find it memorable, then get married on a romantic beach somewhere or with Elvis in Los Vegas, don’t put on a massive wedding!

I married my ex-husband aboard the Archille Lauro, a Italian cruise ship whilst it was docked for only 4 hours. The wedding was short and sweet, the guests were served cocktails for pre wedding drinks (not to be repeated in a hurry as they were all drunk by the time they sat down to dinner!) Delicious Italian food and an unbelievable wedding cake, then back to the Hilton hotel to their massive executive suite for more partying.

For years everyone spoke about my wedding day as it was something really memorable.

About to remarry again, I have had an elegant garden wedding planned, more of a party than a wedding mind you – the wedding is just a excuse for us to throw a massive cocktail party!

Jasper’s Berry has totally messed that idea up for me! I now want to have my wedding here!!


This place is just the most magical place I have ever been to. I feel as if I have walked back in time, to the 1920s. I feel as if I should be dressed in silk and cashmere, wearing pearls and diamonds.


My first foray onto the grounds was whilst Rosie was waving her magical wand and building it. I was blown away by what she had planned and could not wait to see the finished product.


I was lucky enough to be the makeup artist for the first bride to get married at Jaspers Berry, and work in the new bridal salon. Kate the bride dressed in the stunning dressing room, and a room it is! No small closet here!


I was at long last able to be able to look at the finished product, all I could say was wow, oh my God and wow!! Every little thing has been thought of. Delicate antique cutlery and crockery, mouth watering food, exquisite flower arrangements and bouquet for the bride are just some of the finishing touches we all adore.


I did not get to see all of it that time round, but when I came back to do the hair and makeup for the  shoot of the very beautiful Rowena Crofts with the talented Karen from Evocartiv photography & design, for Jaspers website, I had a chance to wander around properly.


The elegant lobby feels like you just stepped into Raffles hotel, it seeps elegance and luxury, but yet, unlike many five star hotels, it makes you feel relaxed, and ready to welcome all of your guests.


The sophisticated bar in the old school house leaves you feeling the same. Calm and serene, pampered and spoilt. You just need to have a glass of French champagne or a glass of a good single malt scotch on ice.


The beautiful Orangery is where you and your guests have dinner and can dance the night away whilst a gentle breeze floats in through the beautiful tall French doors.

It would help if I told you where this dream venue is! It is 5 minutes south of Berry, on the South Coast of NSW. It is the sister to the divine Terrara House Estate. If you have ever attended a wedding organised there by Rosie, and been blown away by the perfection of it all – she is also the owner of Jaspers, and excels here as well, with her work partner in crime Sue. These girls are just miracle workers!

Jaspers Berry’s website is still a work in progress, but they have a facebook page

The amazing photography was done by Karen from Evocartiv photography & design Karen also does the most beautiful boudoir photography, specialising in bridal boudoir – a perfect gift for him and yourself. I think this is a brilliant idea! You work so hard before your wedding getting your figure into perfect shape, and your skin and hair just luminous, it makes sense to have some divinely sensuous photos taken of you looking your most stunning. As you see from the gorgeous shot below of Rowena in the bridal salon on the bath, they are beautifully tasteful and sensual!


The stunning top and bottom  Rowena is wearing was made by bridal gown designer extraordinaire, Angela from Swish bridal design in Freshwater/Manly. Rowena’s stunning gown in actual fact was the one she wore for her own wedding at Terrara House and was also designed and made by Swish Love, love, love it!!

Having done two shoots there now; I am hoping desperately that Rosie wants more photos done! And am looking very much forward to my next wedding there, and the one after that and the one after that………but in so saying, I am loving the weddings I am doing at Terrara house now this place is also totally divine……….but I digress – will have to rave about this place another time!

Cellulite – a women’s nightmare!

If you are a female over the age of 13 you have a 90% chance of having cellulite. Not that this fact will make you feel any better about it, but it does impact a vast number of women and men all around the world regardless of whether or not they happen to be overweight or not.

We have come to believe that cellulite is primarily a ‘women’s’ condition, but this is not the case. Although there’s definitely no denying the fact that cellulite is much more apparent in females than males, males can also find them selves having to deal with it.

In the beauty industry, there is a lot of money to be made out of cellulite creams, of which I think I have bought each and every one of them! Unfortunately cellulite is a very intricate problem that requires a comprehensive approach to the treatment of it, unfortunately, as much as I would like it not to be so, a cream is just not going to fix it, neither will liposuction, slimming wraps or massage.

What is cellulite?

Throughout my 28 years as a beauty therapist I have been told on so many instances that cellulite is a beauty industry-marketing tool to sell creams to the unsuspecting female population, simply that it does not exist, that it is just fat. Another cause I have been told is that it is toxic build up under the skin and often I have been told that you can get rid of it by dieting, or just exercising.

Cellulite is a condition involving both body fat as well as our skin structure. Cellulite is mainly found on women’s bottoms and thighs, however it also occurs around other areas of the body where excess body fat is likely to accumulate. In women more so than men it can be found on the lower abs, the lower back on males more so than women, and the upper half of the arms.

Cellulite is caused due to a protrusion of subcutaneous fat within the fibrous connective tissue. In a healthy area of the body where cellulite isn’t present, we have fat tissue and then above that, there is a layer of smooth skin tissue. The result is a dimple-free appearance on the skin. Where there is cellulite however, you’ll have fat tissue seeping into the skin structure, pulling on the various attachments that join the skin to the body fat cells, causing them to buckle and dimples to form.

The fat tissue press’s up into the skin matrix, so hard, that you get a dimpled effect as certain portions of the skin are pulled taught right into the body fat.

So while having fat underneath the skin does definitely play a role in cellulite formation, it is not the cause of the cellulite. The cause is due to the way the skin is structured and the fact it is allowing the fat to press up into it, producing these protrusions. Since every single person on earth has some degree of body fat underneath the skin (except for perhaps the professional competitive bodybuilders who get down to extremely low body fat levels, or anorexics), anyone can find themselves with cellulite.

The reason you see cellulite more obviously on a woman is the way in which a women’s skin structure is formed. Our skins tend to be quite different to mens. With men, the connective tissue that connects the skin to muscle cells run in a cross-hatched pattern, this produces a more smooth and continuous appearance, reducing the chances that fat can seep into the pocket holes. With women the connective tissue tends to run vertically along the skin with the attachments coming only so often along the skin to the muscles. Therefore there is a larger opportunity for ‘fat pockets’ to form, which is where the fat will seep inwards and begin pressing up, creating a dimpled appearance.

Women also have much higher levels of essential body fat than men do, due to their need to be able to reproduce, therefore they are naturally going to have more body fat underneath the skin, which is why it can be so hard for a woman to rid herself of this unsightly tissue and why thin women are far more likely to suffer from cellulite than thin men.

Cellulite is also more likely to form as we age (another cruel joke against aging women!) When you are young, the skin tissue and collagen matrix tends to be rather elastic and supple, therefore if the fat presses up, it’s more likely to maintain its overall structural integrity. When you’re older however, the skin loses this elasticity and that can make it far easier for the fat to move into the skin pockets, pressing up against the skin. Additionally, as one ages the skin will tend to sage more, which can further augment the situation. This is why you may not have had cellulite formation when you were younger but now that you are starting to age in years, you may be noticing more of it developing. To add to this, you have the issue of hormonal concentrations shifting in the body. Hormonal factors play an integral role in the formation of cellulite so if you’re not keeping track of where your levels are at and making smart adjustments to accommodate, you could definitely be putting yourself at a higher risk for seeing it occur in your lower body region.

Stress is another cause of cellulite – actually stress is a major cause for many physical problems women deal with. Many women suffer from Toxic Stress due to our never endingly busy work and lifestyle schedules. We try to succeed at work, keep a healthy and happy home, raise children, go on diets to stay looking good, and be good wives and exercise. We become sleep deprived, if not due to enough hours in our beds, but often due to waking up in the early hours of the morning worrying about things we have not had time to do. We run in never ending smaller and smaller circles till we end up giving up our exercise, just for another hour of sleep, drink too much alcohol to slow us down enough to stop us from killing the husband and children, and eat multiple bars of chocolate and drink huge amounts of coffee to keep ourselves upright.

One morning we wake up, take a look in the mirror and are horrified by what faces us, a haggard woman with dimpled flesh all over.

 Treating cellulite

Unfortunately no matter how much you exercise, you cannot exercise away cellulite. Exercise alone can definitely help you lose weight, but it’s not going to get you so incredibly lean that you can eliminate all the fat under the regions where cellulite is forming. But exercising is going to help the blood flow through the fatty tissues, drain the lymphatic system and help you feel good as it lowers your stress levels. It also helps you sleep, which helps you burn fat.

The correct form of dieting is the best way to loose cellulite. Reducing your calorie intake and eating the correct foods will have more effect on your cellulite than any other form of attack. Crash dieting is not going to help cellulite, just cause long-term health problems (which is a whole other article!)

Do not start a health diet though in such a single minded way that you find yourself stressed trying to find all of the correct foods and those alone so that you end up really stressed as that is going to undo everything. Take on what you can from the advice below, do your best and do not beat yourself up if you fail. Remember you are only human, and the diet is there to help you, not control you. And allow yourself two days off per week, as that will help you stay on the straight and narrow.

Eating a fresh food, preferably organic diet is the fastest way to control and manage cellulite. Add to that omega’s such as fish and avocado, legumes such as cannellini beans and lentils, lots and lots of green vegetables raw or lightly steamed, mushrooms and tomatoes, low fat red and white meats, almonds and watery fruits will help you smooth your skin. This also takes care that you get enough fiber, as this is also important to help detox our bodies.

If not allergic to dairy, organic full cream milk, organic butter, organic yoghurt (plain), cottage cheese and hard cheeses. There is research available that shows that when dieters consume 1 -2 serves of full fat dairy products per day they show an increased rate of fat loss from the abdominal region.

We need to keep up the healthy fats and fiber in our diets such as flaxseeds and flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil helps support the tissues in the skin, besides having multiple health benefits such as containing Omega 3, 6 and 9, plus zinc. Coconut oil, helps smooth the skin from inside as well as out. Also olive oil and fish are great healthy fats and Chia seeds are high in fiber and high in antioxidants.

Healthy carbohydrates are also needed in moderation, oats, brown and wild rice, quinoa (which is also very high in protein) couscous, barley and sweet potatoes. Eat these in the morning than later in the day, although if you are having trouble sleeping, carbohydrates at night will help you get a better nights rest – so this is where you make the decision instead of following another program which you could fail at as it does not support your body’s personal needs.

Do start each day with a glass of warm water with lemon squeezed into it. This will help cleanse the lymphatic system, and detox the liver. Continue to drink eight glasses of water a day, interspersed with cups of Green Tea. The caffeine in the green tea stimulates the metabolism and detoxes the body. Just be careful not to drink too much to late in the afternoon, as it is caffeine and will keep you up at night.

Avoid all white flour based foods, sugars and trans fats. Avoid all processed meats and pre packaged snack foods. Stay away from fizzy drinks that contain sugar or sugar substitutes, both are toxic to the body. Salty foods such as chips need to be avoided as well.

Avoid chemicals, in household cleaning substances, toothpastes, skincare and fly sprays. Although I say that cellulite is not toxins built up under the skin, anything which strains our elimination system is going to slow down our body’s ability to detox itself and remove the cellulite. Chemicals end up in our liver, kidneys, and intestines, this hinders the detoxification process.

Support your thyroid. A healthy thyroid is important because it regulates our metabolism, which controls every single reaction taking place in the body.

If your thyroid is functioning properly, you will burn calories more efficiently, feel energized and suffer less from fatigue. Any woman over the age of 37 in her perimenopausal years, may find that her thyroid could possibly be slowing down. If you have noticed weight gain without you having changed anything in your life, constant fatigue, hair loss just to name a few things, this could be one of the reasons.

Taking iodine supplements in the form of Sea Kelp will help, plus Zinc and Selenium. If you are taking high doses of Garlic for colds, you will be getting plenty of selenium from this source. Getting selenium from garlic is excellent, as garlic also lowers cholesterol in healthy individuals.

Flaxseed oil should be taken, as discussed before, vitamin C for energy and immunity and a natural multivitamin. Personally I recommend using Sun Chlorella or Spiriulina as a natural form of multivitamin as they also give you a great range of minerals and added natural proteins. They also both detox the body.

Treating cellulite from the outside will support our healthy diet and supplementation. Every day dry skin brush with a bristle brush, preferably with rubber nodules on it, starting at the feet and fingertips and brushing towards the heart. Do this just before jumping in the shower or bath for 1 -2 minutes. If in no hurry, give yourself a little extra massage over the areas that really need extra help. This helps flush the lymphatic system and helps stimulate blood flow to the area. Follow your warm shower with a freezing cold one (if you are tired or cold, this will warm and wake you up instantly!) Make a mixture of coffee, salt grains, best salt is Himalayan salt which is full of natural minerals, but whichever salt you use, it must be fine salt, not chunky, and olive oil. Just before the cold-water rinse, massage the coffee scrub into the areas that need treating and then rinse.

This treatment is best done in the morning as the coffee gives you way too much of a buzz to do at night. If you are sensitive to coffee, only apply this treatment to areas that are dimply, if not, you can use it all over to help stimulate the metabolism.

As mentioned before, hormones have a lot to do with cellulite. One of the primary reasons that that cause cellulite to develop in the first place is due to a high level of estrogen in the body, which is why pubescent girls whose diets are dodgy find themselves more often than not with cellulite.

So we need to return our estrogen levels back in the to where it should be.Some of the causes that can lead to excessive estrogen formation in the body include:

  •  having excess body fat – fat cells themselves produce estrogen, so the more weight you gain, the more problematic things tend to get. It’s an ongoing cycle that only perpetuates itself.
  •  estrogen-like chemicals – there are many environmental chemicals coming from plastics and pesticides amongst other origins that will get absorbed by the body and can interact with estrogen receptors and cause serious health consequences.
  •  Stress – progesterone is another female hormone in the body that is designed to balance out estrogen levels, however when stress levels are high, progesterone can get converted into stress fighting hormones, meaning less progesterone is left over to do what it’s supposed to do –balance out estrogen. Therefore, it only makes estrogen more concentrated in your system and your problems get worse.

Hormonal balancing herbs will help balance you. Herbs such as Dong Quai, dandelion, wild yam, blessed thistle, and chaste tree are just to name a few. There are specialized hormone balancing blends available that work really well, or speak to a naturopath for the best personalized mix, or see a holistic doctor who can also measure your hormones and offer you natural hormone replacement. This last option is great for perimenopausal women or menopausal women, natural is perfect for others. I am a strong believer in treating the hormones naturally and my clients are all big followers of what we jokingly call happy pills, a blend which keeps them all in good spirits!

And of course – I cannot stress the importance of exercise. Walk, run, swim, dance, play. Any form of movement is going to help the body break down fats and cellulite. Yoga and Pilates are both great for lengthening, strengthening and toning the body. Or hit the gym with an instructor!

Another important thing is to find 10 minutes a day for your self, do the coffee scrub, go have a massage, it won’t remove the cellulite, but will get the blood flowing! Walk, or go to the gym, anything which will keep your stress levels down, and help you with your will power to not go eat that chocolate bar or piece of cake, but to enjoy a healthy meal.

Make sure you eat regularly – up to six small meals a day to keep your metabolism working and to help you keep from eating toxic foods.

Chlorella, why take this green stuff?

Chlorella is a microscopic freshwater plant/algae (Chlorella vulgaris) and is often referred to as one of nature’s ‘green superfoods’.

“It is one of the purist and most nutritionally dense foods to be found in nature to the point that, following the end of World War Two it became the subject of intensive research into it’s ability to become a viable food source for the millions of starving people around the globe. Consequently Chlorella became one of the most intensely researched of any food in the world.” (Synergy Natural)

This superfood has been consumed by the longest lived humans in the world, the Japanese for centuries.

It has a abundance of natural nutrients;

- 60% complete protein in free amino acid form (very easily digested)
- 2-7% chlorophyll (the highest of any known food) chlorophyll is very similar to haemoglobin in blood, the only difference is that it has a magnesium core not a iron core.
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E
- All of the B group vitamins
- Calcium (One tbsp of chlorella contains 320% of the recommended RDA)
- Iron (One tbsp. of chlorella contains 120% of the recommended RDA)
- Magnesium
- Potassium
- Zinc
- Iodine for the thyroid
- All of the trace minerals
- Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA – the last two are often mistakenly thought to only be found in fish and other seafaring animals)
- GLA and other “rare” fatty acids
- Beta-carotene
- Mucopolysaccharides
- Nucleic acids RNA and DNA (Sardines= 0.59% RNA, Chlorella=10% RNA!)
- Enzymes (chlorophyllase and pepsin, the latter helping you digest its high protein content.

Chlorella contains Chlorella Growth Factor which promotes extraordinary tissue growth and repair, they do not know exactly how, but the results speak for themselves.

It supports healthy digestion, and encourages the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

It also helps the liver to remove fatty deposits and repair itself.

It detoxes the system of heavy metals in our bodies, which we collect by doing day to day activities such as flying on a plane, eating fish, filling up our cars at a petrol station, received vaccinations, living in the suburbs, driving on freeways, especially getting stuck in smoggy tunnels, or undergoing, or gone through chemotherapy. The reason we need to remove these toxins is because heavy metal toxicity can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases and mental decline. The later two being dementia and alzheimers.

To simplify, here is the list of what it does;

- Strengthens the immune system, therefore preventing infections, preventing cancer, and increases white blood cell count.

- Slows or reverses the aging process

- Treats stomach ulcers, constipation and halitosis, because it supports the digestion, increases intestinal flora and increases peristalsis of the gut.

- Reduces high blood pressure

- Reduces high cholesterol

- Decreases fatigue due to its protein content and mineral and vitamin content

- Relieves PMS, and helps with all menopausal symptoms.

- Reduces the occurrence of asthma attacks

- And has helped some people with relief from the symptoms fibromyalgia

When purchasing a product, make sure that it has had the cell walls broken down naturally so that it is easily absorbed. If the cell walls are not broken down, we are unable to absorb the nutrients. Like all natural supplements, no harsh chemicals should be used in the process. It also needs to be packed and sealed specifically to keep its nutrient content.

You can purchase Chlorella in powder form or tablet form. If you are a smoothie drinker, you can add the powder to your morning smoothie. If you are not, I recommend the tablets.

Always start on the lowest dose, the more toxic you are the more likely you will suffer from detoxing side effects. This includes nausea and bowel issues. As your body settles increase the dose. If your response is really unpleasant, decrease the dose, and then increase it as your body can handle it.

Ideally take the tablets away from meal times. I take ½ my dose after breakfast or before breakfast with my other tablets, and the other ½ just before bed.